Henry Rollins makes a Wrong Turn


Straight into DTV sequel territory

Part-time rocker, sometime actor and full-time straight-up motivational speaker, Henry Rollins, will co-star in the forthcoming “Wrong Turn 2”. (Gotta say, I think Eliza Dushku fills out a soaked-Singlet better), according to Movieweb.com

The film, a prequel to the first film (from Stan Winston), will apparently centre on the parents of the vicious in-breds that featured in the original.

Rollins, who is no stranger to horror films having acted in such films as “Feast” and um, “Johnny Mnemonic” (sorry Keanu), says “…we’re gonna have a good time up in Vancouver, all of June escaping blood thirsty zombies. Which is what you need”.

Joe Lynch directs, Turi Meyer and Al Septien wrote the screenplay. Meyer actually directed a few good “Buffy” and “Angel” episodes back in the day (sort of an Eliza Dushku link, I guess….not that she’s in the sequel), and with Septien, wrote a couple of B-horrors like “Leprechaun 2” and “Candyman : Day of the Dead”.

It won’t be a surprise to anyone, but this will be direct-to-video fodder.