Moviehole MailBag – 4/5/06


Episode: “Mailbag 2: Weeksy’s Revenge”

Hey there Ladies & Gentlemen, Weeksy back at the reigns for this edition of the Mailbag. I’ll be taking my bi-monthly Friday night off tomorrow, but the “Late Edition” will be back next week. It is a huge week coming up though, with looks at two of the biggest Summer films, “X-Men 3” & “The Da Vinci Code”. Got questions? Got comments? Got milk? Send ‘em on over here.

Q. Thank you so much for my tickets to “Final Destination 3”. I love the movies and am very grateful. Love the site. – Christine
A. Awwww, back at ya.

Q. Yo, Now I already asked you a question this week. But this time I’m just saying “SWEET!” on the “Toy Story 3” news! – Nick
A. Ummmm, yeah. It’s actually pretty sad that I’ll end up in the cinema watching this one, ‘cause I really am getting too old to be lining up with a bunch of 6 year olds. Still, I’ll be able to beat their asses to be first in line.

Q. Question about an obscure movie: I saw a PPV movie around Y2k (I think), and I can’t remember the title. The plot was as follows: Set in the near future, around 2015, Saddam’s sons now run Iraq. US/Allies still engaged in containment, but most Western forces are involved in another Korean war. Iraq gains nuclear weapons and threatens a launch on Western countries. US president calls their bluff and they launch. Unknown to the Iraqi leaders is that Western countries have been covertly selling bogus nuclear technology to them for years, in order to keep them from getting their hands on real stuff. Missiles fizzle, and US retaliates by nuking Baghdad. Does anyone there have an idea of the title? – Barry
A. Beats the shit out of me. Anyone else have any idea what this one is?

Q. Loved your “Superman Returns” set-visit. Just wondering, did they film a sequel back-to-back or is that something they’ll do later on? I’d heard that they’ve kept the sets standing that’s all. Looking forward to more
of the set visit reports.
– Shades Of Glory
A. Nah, no back-to-back sequel done at the same time. I dare say that if the sets are indeed still on the lot, it’s just because they probably will plan on a sequel going ahead not too long after the first one hits the big screen.

Q. Clint, loved your review of “Mission : Impossible 3”. liked the fact that you were able to separate Tom Cruise, the man, from the film – – and the character. That’s what you HAVE to do. Did the film flop at the box office because of his reputation though, you think?– Smokie
A. Yeah, yeah. Clint’s friggin’ wonderful, blah blah blah. I actually read something about this the other day…. I’m not sure where we are in the world when 48 million in opening weekend is considered “flopping”. Combined with the worldwide take, it actually ended up close to the 150 mill mark. I don’t think that it’s because of Tom himself – he acted like a real idiot prior to “War Of The Worlds” opened, and that was a mammoth hit. It’s a sad thing because “M:I3” is a fantastic film, but my own thought on it is that the first film wasn’t the best, number 2 was a real let-down, so they’re in essence putting out a third part of a crappy franchise, and a lot of people who sat through the first two probably think “why bother?”.

Q. Weinstein’s doing “KNIGHT RIDER”? Any casting rumours yet for Michael Knight? – Jason
A. Two words – Pauly Shore. I smell comeback.

Q. I just re-watched “Clueless” and was wondering what some of the cast are doing now…. Silverstone, Rudd, Shawn, Elise Donovan…I think the only guy I’ve really seen is the guy from “Scrubs”! ALSO is there any plans for a new “Escape from New York” sequel….Kurt is soooooo sexy in that! – PerthPatty
A. Sill a good film, “Clueless”. OK, here we go – Alicia Silverstone has “Stormbreaker” with Ewan McGregor & Bill Nighy; Paul Rudd was of course in “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, and is coming up with Zach Braff in “Fast Track”; Shawn – I’m not sure who you’re talking about; Elisa Donovan has “TV: The Movie” with Preston Lacy & Steve-O. Nope, nothing on another “Escape” film.

Q. Hi Clint,
Why didn’t Eddie Murphy do “DOCTOR DOLITTLE 3”, and having read your “BEVERLY HILLS COP 4” news, am I right in assuming you MAY have had something to do with that film at one stage? Fessssup!
– Thornie
A. From the stories that are going around, Eddie apparently is making real motions to getting his more “adult” career back on track, hence the passing on “Doc 3”. As far as “Beverly Hills Cop 4” goes, yes it’s true – I was the inspiration for the Billy Rosewood character.

Q. I really enjoyed the “Lemony Snicket” Books and movie. Have you hear if they are planning another one? I would guess that they aren’t, which makes me sad when Hollywood is announcing sequels to “Showgirls” and “Dukes or Hazard”. Thank you, – Michael
A. Well, there’s no plans as yet, but given that it’s only a little over a year since the first one came out, I wouldn’t kill off the idea just yet. But yeah, a “Showgirls” & “Dukes” sequels are real bad ideas.

Q. Hi Monkey,
I heard you actually got to see “X-Men 3”. Just wanted to know if you liked it, and if all the negative things about it being rushed affected the final product.
Thanks so much! I enjoy reading your posts.
– Michael
A. Yup, my main dude Monkey got in to see “X-Men 3” while some of us have to wait until early next week. From what he says, it is a really good film, but we’ll all find out for ourselves soon enough.

Q. Hi guys! I was reading Caffeinated Clint (always entertaining), and in the “Is the Internet Influential?” piece, you noted that it’s resurrected “Family Guy” and “Futurama”… We all know about “Family Guy”, as the seasons have started rolling out again – but what the current story on “Futurama”? A new season? Movie? Direct to DVD? Any word on when? – Chad
A. Without going into my own personal history on the “Futurama” will it or won’t it come back front, the official story as it stands at the moment is that Matt Groening, David X. Cohen & Ken Keeler are working on 4 direct to DVD films, but interestingly enough, CNN ran an article on Monday about the upcoming season or two with this little paragraph: “There also was speculation that Fox was looking to resurrect the animated series “Futurama,” from “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening, on its Sunday lineup the same way that “Family Guy” was brought back last year. The network has an option for new episodes, which currently are being produced for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim late-night block.”

Q. Any news on “Lethal Weapon 5”???? Is Mel Gibson & Danny Glover involved??? I think they should make another so they retire or something I felt “Lethal Weapon 4” wasn’t done right they need to retire in “LW5”. – David
A. I watched “Lethal Weapon 4” the other week for the first time in ages, and I have to admit, it was a lot better than I remembered it to be. That being said, I doubt that we’ll end up seeing another instalment with the way that Gibson is currently handling his career. From memory (and whether any of it is true is questionable), Warner’s got Mel to sign on for “4” by offering him a blank cheque.

Q. Peta Wilson (“LeFemme Nikita”) would make a great Wonder Woman. – Kim
A. Well, that’s certainly an opinion……..

Q. WOW…This is an action movie thrill ride and then some…TOM CRUISE is the man. That bridge scene was great!
This is the way I want “RAMBO IV” to be…a no-holds-barred action film!
– AB King
A. Yup, totally agree – kick-ass film.

Q. Hey Clint, Any more news on “Sin City 2” with regards casting n’ all. Also, do you know if it’s true that Angelina Jolie will be doing the Film? Cheers mate, – John
A. Angie’s definitely a hot rumour for the next one, but no certainty in it at the moment. Apart from that, I guess the only real news is that Bruce Willis isn’t gonna be in it.

Q. When will “She’s The Man” with Amanda Bynes be released for sale? – Nancy
A. The lovely Amanda will be able to take home in Oz this coming September (the DVD anyway).

Q. Are you planning on having an RSS feed? I’d love to be able to add your site to my feed list. – Jesse
A. Probably not a horrible idea. I don’t know – I guess if enough people ask for it, the boss will probably try it out.

Q. I’m from Canada and Moviehole is my favourite entertainment news site. I know Jim Carrey hates doing sequels, but I was wondering if you think there is any chance that there will be a sequel to “ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND”? It’s one of my favourite movies of all time. I have an idea for a sequel storyline. 2nd question! Do you know any films that are similar to it? I’ve never seen a film anything like it. Warm Regards, – Chris
A. That is a great film, no doubt. I don’t think that we’ll see a follow-up film to it though, but that’s one thing I’m not too fussed about because it would more than likely be a disappointment. There aren’t a lot of similar films out there which made it so good, but I guess two films that I appreciate on the same level are “Garden State”, and probably “Lost In Translation”.

Q. What’s up all!! OK a few random questions for you. First, what’s up with the “Behind Enemy Lines” sequel, is it going to happen and will it link the two films at all? Also wondering if the Buffy animated series is ever going to happen and PLEASE tell me that Ashton Kutcher is NOT playing “Speed Racer” in the live action adaptation!!!! – John
A. Unfortunately, the absolute shocking title “Behind Enemy Lines: Axis Of Evil” is on the way to a small screen near you. I think I saw some test footage for the “Buffy” cartoon a while back, but as far as I know, it’s pretty much dead. For the record, I doubt very much that Ashton is gonna be anywhere near an eventual “Speed Racer” flick.

Q. I am a huge Kim Basinger fan. I read where she will be in “The Mermaid Chair”. It said Telemovie … I’m not sure what you mean? Like for HBO? Or any network that buys the rights to air it?
Any idea when it will be ready for TV land?
Please give me an answer : + }
– Nancy
A. Yup, as in made for TV…. For a more detailed explanation, check the “Dee You Hache” ruling.

Q. Hey Clint
I came home to a nice surprise yesterday, Two tickets to go and see “Final Destination 3”. Cheers for that guys! Just a couple of quickies for you.
1) What is the current status on the proposed “Spaceballs” TV Series/Sequel?
2) What else is Mel Brooks up to?
Cheers again guys
– Matt
A. You’re welcome on the ticket front, and as far as your questions goes 1). Nada, nix, niente, zilch, zero, jack shit; 2). As far as the story goes, Mel may have had a dabble in the “Get Smart” feature film script, and the very latest move for him is a stage adaptation of “Young Frankenstein”.

Q.Hello, Great site as always. Some people are saying that there is gonna be some movies based on R.A.Salvatore’s “The Icewind Dale Trilogy” and “The Dark Elf Trilogy” I looked on IMDB but I didn’t find anything…..any truth to it?
– Nick
A. Looking pretty doubtful at the moment bro. The fans are gonna have to satisfy themselves with the comic versions instead.

Q. Great website long time visitor. Have you heard any news on the “V The Second Generation” being made by NBC? – Les
A. C’mon Mr. Moonves, you know that it isn’t on the cards for your own network.

Q. Hey mate,
Just wondering if you could tell me how far away James Wan & Leigh Whannel’s first follow-up to “Saw” will be. It’s called “Silence”, and stars Ryan Kwanten (yes, Vinnie). It says on IMDB that it’s in post-production, and it’s been that way for about a year now. Where is it!? Keep up good work bruz!
– View Askew Fella
A. It is definitely on the way, the story is that James wants to make it as kick-ass as possible, so he is taking a reasonable amount of time in the production phase. If I had to guess, I believe it will probably hit somewhere around September / October.

Q. Hi there,

I would just like to thank you so much for the movie tickets to “Final Destination” I received in the mail today, what a surprise!! I knew my story was frightening to me because I was there, but wasn’t sure how it would come across on paper. It surely is something that’s still fresh in my mind even though it was so long ago now, I remember it like yesterday.
Thanks again and enjoy your day 🙂
– Amanda

A. I’m actually really looking forward to hearing some of these stories, “Hollywood Movie Star” Clint Morris and I swapped ghost stories a year or so ago now, and we both had some freaky shit to tell each other, so I’m interested in reading your spooky stuff.

Q. Any news about Chad Campbell’s “T3.5” script? – Fred
A. As with a lot of things like this, I can’t see much of anything going ahead with it. It’s supposed to be a great idea, but it’s like most of the fan-based stuff – great idea, people would love to see it, but they’d rather push forward with “T4”.

Q. Hi Clint, I’ve been hearing these rumours recently about a “Ferris Bueller” remake? Possibly starring Justin Long? What gives, surely Hollywood wouldn’t remake the holy grail of teen movies?
Also a couple of years back I heard something about a DTV sequel called
“Ferris’ Other Day Off”, starring one of the guys of Roswell? Any news on either would be appreciated. Save Ferris (from the Hollywood remaking machine!)
– The Last Burrito
A. Nope, bullshit on both counts. Makes you wish John Hughes & Matthew Broderick would actually get it together and make a follow-up though.

Q. ABking here,
Here is an exclusive clip from the upcoming BLOCKBUSTER Rocky Balboa courtesy of Sony/MGM/Revolution Studios:
– AB
A. Cheers!