Set Visit : Superman Returns Pt.5


Superman Returns Set Visit Report – Part 5

Day 1: Friday July 28th

I only need 5 minutes – Kevin Spacey

While we didn’t get to interview Kevin Spacey, we did get to see him in action.

We left the interview room and were taken to another location within the museum where they were actually filming a scene for the movie.

Positioned behind the chairs that faced the camera monitors, we stood silently as Bryan Singer sat in his Director’s chair and watched Kevin Spacey work through a short scene.

Chatting with Bryan, Kevin waved hello to us as he prepared to shoot the scene.

Body doubles stood in for the actors as camera and lighting crew prepared the shot. Kevin Spacey, wearing a long wig (which Bryan Singer jokingly said made him look like Russell Crowe), positioned himself with his four henchmen (including Kal Penn and Ian Roberts). Writer Michael Dougherty, sitting in a chair behind Bryan Singer’s, turned around and promised us that this was the only scene in which Lex Luthor wore a wig throughout the whole movie.

The scene involved a clear plastic donation box (with sign reading “Suggested donation $10”) sitting within the foyer of the Metropolis Museum. Lex (in disguise), followed by his four cohorts, deposits a 5 or 10 cent coin into the donation box, much to the disgust of the lady sitting behind the information desk, who points out to Lex that the museum closes in 10 minutes. Lex, continuing on into the museum, replies, “I only need five”.

They did five or six takes of this scene before both Bryan and Kevin were happy, and lunch was called… at 11pm.