Review : Prison Break – By the Skin and the Teeth


Episode airs May 17

Prison Break – Wednesday May 17
Network : 7
Time : 8:30 PM

The Verdict : There’s probably no better show on TV right now, than “Prison Break”. Unlike a lot of series’, it just gets better as it goes along, too.

We’re getting down to the final few episodes of the season now – not many to go anyway – and what’s great is that Australia isn’t taking a break from the show, like the U.S did, so we’re essentially only a few episodes behind our American friends.

Tonight, as Lincoln is about to be executed, he briefly sees his father in the viewing room. A phone call from judge Kessler delays the execution. After reviewing the newly surfaced evidence, the judge orders the exhumation of Steadman’s body. Michael creates a new, more dangerous, break-out plan, involving going through the prison yard. An accident puts Michael’s new plan in danger.

Geez, that doctor is hot.