MGM doing Stargate 2?


Finally? And with which cast?

Kurt Russell’s as fond as sequels as I am ‘Next Top Model’ marathons, so don’t expect to see him in it, but apparently MGM’s eyeing up a sequel to “Stargate” – at long last.

Brad Wright, co-executive producer of TV’s “Stargate” and “Stargate : Atlantis”, says he might be joining Russell on the sidelines, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. There’s an opportunity to empty some wallets here, he tells Sci Fi Wire.

“Even if I were to not do the movie, I know somebody is going to do a Stargate movie. It’s the second largest franchise for MGM next to Bond. So it’s got significant brand potential, and by two series doing as well as they are and a game coming out, that could really, really, really brand the show in a big way. That’s what they like in this business: a larger franchise with so many legs to it that it could go into the future for years to come”, says Wright.

“I know there will be a movie made,” Wright continues. “I know there will likely be another series made, whether I make it or not. It’s just too good a vehicle for storytelling. This is exactly what Jonathan [Glassner] and I recognized 10 years ago, when we created the series. The Stargate is dramatically, and in terms of storytelling, a perfect vehicle from which to launch characters and tell stories. That’s why it will go for years to come.”

There was talk of doing a straight-up sequel to “Stargate” when the Kurt Russell/James Spader film first hit big – at one time, with original director Roland Emmerich, who said at the time that “There has been plenty of talk about doing a sequel, from everyone who worked in the first one. Both James (Spader) and Kurt (Russell) are enthusiastic about the idea.” – but plans went askew.

I’m guessing, a “Stargate 2” would feature the cast of the TV series – maybe both series’ – because that’s where the audience is these days.