It’s a Calamity, Deadwood to finish


HBO not likely to renew it for another season

I’m mad. Real mad. 9-Iron to a BMW windshield, mad.

Apparently “Deadwood” is going to be a ghost town by the end of it’s next, the third, season, with the network opting not to retain the stars of the funktastic series for another year.

What gives, huh?

HBO is on a good thing at the moment, sure, but “Deadwood” has been one of their best, and most popular, shows. Secondly, it only gets better. There’s still so many stories to tell – just flick open a frickin’ encyclopaedia. The show could literally go on for years.

Nevertheless, the network has decided this next season is it.

“Deadwood” creator David Milch has apparently already started packing his bags, and will begin work on a new surfing drama for the network. And though there’s conversations about possibly continuing the show, most of the actors have already made/or are making plans to move on – since nobody has given them any kind of indication that Al’s bar is going to be open for business for a fourth season.

Milch told The Boston Globe that “There’s a time when creative and commercial intentions coincide. Then they diverge. If a series is successful, the commercial interest is in keeping it on, even after the creative interest is in ending it. With Deadwood, my intention is to end at the end of the fourth season. I can’t speak for anyone else, but that’s where I’m getting off the bus.”

Unfortunately, doesn’t sound like HBO is catching that same bus.