Criminal Count in Dallas Increases


News on “Prison Break”, Season Two

The next season of “Prison Break” will lens in J.R’s stomping ground.

According to The Associated Press, the FOX TV hit will shoot its second season in Dallas. The first season was shot in and around Chicago.

EURweb caught up with star Wentworth Miller, who revealed that the next season would be “about the brothers trying to unravel the government conspiracy to put my brother behind bars in the first place,” Miller said. “I hope that gives us more opportunities to explore the bond between these characters. I think Michael has spent a lot of this season yakking about toilets and Allen wrenches and pipes, and the dynamics between the two brothers, the personal issues that are there, have yet to be explored really fully.”

The second season begins shooting June 15th. Most – I won’t spoil who won’t be returning, for those that haven’t seen the final episodes of the season yet – of the original cast will be back.