Shocker! Grunberg to feature in new Trek


Whilst Patrick Stewart won’t be

My fellow webmasters are still trying to wring any info they can about the next “Star Trek” movie, out of anyone they can, which is proving about as difficult as finding a full can of cold beer in my fridge. All we know at the moment is that J.J Abrams will co-write/produce and direct the new film, which will be a prequel set before the days of Porthos the pup.

Patrick Stewart wasn’t much help. He told IGN that “I don’t know. I don’t know very much,” he tells the site. “Abrams is a huge fan of Star Trek. Beyond that I know nothing at all.”

Stewart says Jean Luc-Picard won’t be back for the new one – being a prequel and all – which is a bit disappointing, because co-star Brent Spiner and writer John Logan had actually written a great script for a “Star Trek 11”, says the hairless thespian. “…they had made it pretty clear that after Nemesis, that was goodbye. I never quite knew why because John Logan and Brent Spiner had already gotten an absolutely brilliant storyline for another movie but they put us to sleep.”

Greg Grunberg, who essentially bunks with J.J Abrams, let alone features in every one of his projects (including current hit, “Mission : Impossible III”), knows a little more. In fact, it’s sounds as if Grunberg might have a sizeable role in the new movie.

Speaking to TV Guide, the former “Alias” star says “I think they’re going to give me a bigger part. I hope. I want a really nice part.”

If Grunberg could play any character in the movie, it’d be Spock, because he’s the character that you don’t need to put a lot of hideous make-up on for. “There’s no way that I’m going to sit through five hours of makeup for one line.”

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