Brook to play Rita Hayworth?


The future Mrs Zane as 40s screen goddess?

I’ll believe it when I see it – it’s like casting Elizabeth Berkeley as Elizabeth II for Christs sake – but according to Sky News, model turned video-superstar Kelly Brook is in talks to play Hollywood legend Rita Hayworth, in a new unnamed movie.

The role will require the actress – whose credits include such blockbusters as “Three”, “School for Seduction” and “Ripper” – to belt out a tune or two, so she’s already spent some time in the studio. “I have developed a good singing voice now”, she tells.

Apparently sitcom queen Debra Messing is her competition. (Personally, I’d go for Catherine Zeta Jones, who was at one stage lined up to play the screen queen in a Broadway musical – which never happened).

Hayworth, for those without a copy of Leonard Maltin’s Movie Encylopedia, was an American actress of Spanish and English descent who reached fame during the 1940s as the era’s leading sex symbol. Her many credits include Howard Hughes’ “Only Angels Have Wings” (1939), “Blood and Sand” (1941), and “The Lady from Shanghai” (1948).