Berry to play Catwoman again?


Maybe she’s keen to win another Razzie?

In an interview with IGN FilmForce, Halle Berry said she’s prepared to be egged again.

According to Berry, she’d be interested in dressing up like a cheap hooker again for a sequel to DC dud “Catwoman”.

The Razzie-winner (for her performance in ‘the worst frickin’ comic book movie of all time’) says she’s keen for seconds, because “I think Catwoman is a great character that maybe wasn’t presented in the right way,” she said, adding, “But when people see it on video they seem to like it. They’re like, ‘It wasn’t as bad as they all said!'”

“If they seriously said, ‘We want to do another one and here’s how we’re going to make it better because we learned from the mistakes,’ I would because I believe we could make it better”.

Don’t look for Sharon Stone in any sequel – and I doubt such a sequel will ever happen! – though. Berry says the film would call for a much better heavy than “weak villains, like a woman whose face shattered”.

Look. Frick that shit. Let’s do this thing right. Let’s get Michelle Pfeiffer into the gym. Lets work on her legs, bust, and abs…and then get Emanuel to get her the full treatment at his ritzy beauty salon. Give her a refresher course in whip cracking. Tie her up with a good director, or writer/director. Then bring the screen’s best Catwoman back. Who wouldn’t give fifteen bucks to see Michelle Pfeiffer in that tight-ass black leather get-up, again?

Meow! Indeed.