Carrey/Stiller project cancelled


“Used Guys” indeed

The Jim Carrey/Ben Stiller comedy “Used Guys”, set in a futuristic society run by women where men are cloned and sold like cars, the story revolves around two men who are returned and then go in search of the lost meaning of manhood, has been postponed, says Variety. It was originally set to film in June, but FOX says they couldn’t have the film’s “futuristic settings” ready in time.

“Due to scheduling issues, production is being delayed on ‘Used Guys’ … until sometime next year,” the studio said. “The Jay Roach-directed film requires a long prep for its futuristic settings, and both actors have films scheduled for later in the year. All the parties remain committed to making the picture when time permits.”

If you ask me, they couldn’t cough up the cash. Think about it. That’s two big paycheques. Jay Roach was probably asking for a new Italian condo, too. Apparently the budget was soaring towards the $115 million dollar mark, and climbing. Ouch.

Carrey and Stiller are too busy to sit around and wait for the film, which Jay Roach was to direct, to get off the ground, so the studio has no choice but to set them free and go onto other projects. They hope “Used Guys” will get off the ground, again, sometime in the future.

The film, which was set to bow June 15, 2007, has had its release date filled by “Fantastic Four 2” – which was originally set for release July 4.