The Schwartz is Back!


Mel Brooks talks “Spaceballs” TV series

Remember a few months back, that there was a report that Mel Brooks was working on a new “Spaceballs” series? There have also been whispers that a live-action sequel to the 1987 sci-fi spoof might be in the works.

So anyway, TV Guide asked Mel Brooks what the deal is. Seems there’s some good news.

“There is a shot at Spaceballs becoming a half-hour animated TV series. I wouldn’t mind doing the voice for President Skroob or Yoghurt, if they wanted me to. So I’m hoping that will happen with Spaceballs”, he says.

And what does he think of the forthcoming “Get Smart” movie, starring Steve Carell?

“I think they may be making a big error. They haven’t called me, even though Buck Henry and I created the character [of Maxwell Smart]. I like Steve Carell — he’s very funny, and if they get a good script and a talented director, they may have a shot at it. But it would be wise of them to pass the script under my nose. I might have a random thought that could be helpful. I think they give Buck Henry and me creator credits, but that’s just a sly way of using our names. Anyway, I wish them luck.”