Tong to feel the Fear


HK director up for video-game turned movie?

Hong Kong filmmaker Stanley Tong, director of the new Jackie Chan film “The Myth”, is in talks to direct the feature film version of the video-game, “Fear Effect”, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Mindfire CEO Mark A. Altman (“House of the Dead 2,” “DOA: Dead or Alive”) is set to produce the film with Mindfire chairman Mark Gottwald and senior vp business affairs Chuck Speed, based on a screenplay by Steve Kriozere.

Altman described the movie as “Mission: Impossible” meets “Silent Hill,” adding that the film will faithfully follow the story line of the original PlayStation game. It will be set 10 years in the future, however, rather than in the alternate world of the source material.

And I was just thinking that we needed another video game turned movie. Hmm.