Newman talks Revenge of the Nerds remake


The return of Lambda, Lambda, Lambda

“It’s all new characters, it’s only the spirit we’re keeping. It’s got a totally different modern spin on it.”

That’s writer/director Kyle Newman (“Fanboys”) talking to IESB and about his plans for the “Revenge of the Nerds” remake.

According to Newman – who I’ve got a feeling is going to be to quite a commodity, pretty soon – the film won’t feature the classic characters, Lewis and Gilbert, nor will it feature, even briefly, original leads Anthony Edwards and Robert Carradine.

From the beginning, Newman told the studio that he’s not “making nerds, as like the guys with the pocket protectors, the idea of a nerd has evolved. Nerds are even cool now, so we have to look at it in a whole different way. So, is Booger going to be in the movie? No”.

As for who will be in the movie, Newman says he’d like to cast some of the actors from his new movie, “Fanboys”, as well as some “totally new faces”.

Thankfully, it’ll be set around the same fraternities – including, yes, Lambda Lambda Lambda.

They’re going to shoot in the Summer.