Two for the Money


Vin Diesel signs on for a thriller, and a rom-com

Finally, he can stop plugging the bejesus out of the financials-seeking “Hannibal”, and get back to work.

Vin Diesel has snagged two film roles, one in an action-thriller, one in a – gulp! – Romantic comedy.

The first one sounds pretty slick, if only because of whom he’s starring with in it. Kevin Bacon, Sophie Okonedo and James Franco will be the muscleman’s co-stars in “Black Water Transit” – based on a book of the same name – which has been penned by “Hostage” scribe Doug Richardson.

I’m pretty sure that Bruce Willis was pencilled in to play the villain in this. Not sure if they’re still chasing him though….Diesel may have replaced him. If that is the case, then Diesel would be playing the villain.
The thriller fixes on Earl Pike, a contract killer with a personal vendetta. Jack Vermillion makes a deal with the police – he will help catch Pike to get his son out of jail. But Pike is not a man to double-cross and the frame-up goes fatally wrong. Pike shoots four cops dead and pins it on Jack, who finds himself on the run for murder.

The film will be helmed by music-video director Samuel Bayer, whose MTV-esque credits include Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” video, which could either work in it’s favour…or not.

The romantic comedy, which Diesel’s One Race Films will produce, is described as a “unique take in the ongoing war between men and women.”

Truth be told, Diesel has a pretty full plate at the moment : He’s getting ready to work on Mathieu Kassovitz’s actioner “Babylon A.D”, will play the lead role in the video-game turned film “Hitman”, and provides the voice of a lead character in the upcoming “Rockfish”.