Grind House takes a Black Eyed Pea


Another movie role for Fergie?

Variety finally announced today – months after we movie news sites reported such news – the casting for Robert Rodriguez’s wedge of the “Grind House” project.

Most of the cast, you’ll already have heard about – Freddy Rodriguez, Rose McGowan, Josh Brolin, Marley Shelton, Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, & Michael Parks – but there is one new name on there: Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson.

Yep, seems the bootie-shakin’ lead singer of “The Black Eyed Peas” has scored another juicy movie role, hot on the heels of he small turn in the “Poseidon” redo, and with Rodriguez playing camera-daddy, it’s no doubt going to be a goodie. I’m expecting a wild little cameo… possibly the film’s feisty eye-candy.

The 31-year-old singer’s first big acting stint was in the early 80’s kids TV show “
Kid’s Incorporated”. Besides “Poseidon”, she’s appeared in such films as “Be Cool” (as herself), and TV shows like “Las Vegas” (not surprisingly, since her lover, Josh Duhamel, stars on it) and “Married with Children”.

“Grind House” will be in theatres Easter Weekend next year.