Review : Commander-in-Chief – State of the Union/ The Price You Pay


Episodes to air May 29/June 5

Commander-in-Chief – Monday May 29
Network : 7
Time : 9:40 PM

The Verdict : Just wanted to mention that Channel 7 will be skipping one of the episodes from this current/the only season (episode 12 will be broadcast later on – it must be boring, or something) and rushing through them, rather quickly. If it means it stays on at a reasonable hour, I’m all for it. To an extent. .

This episode is quite a good one though, so worth tuning in for. It’s time for President Allen (Geena Davis) to give her state of the union address, so she’s going through the archives and watching the speeches of her predecessors, whilst trying to block out the opinion of her incessant adversary, sir Sneak-a-lot, Templeton (Donald Sutherland).

It won’t be on for too much longer, especially in this time-slot, so catch it while you can.

In the episode to follow (screening June 5th,), Adam Arkin (“Chicago Hope”) joins the cast as Allen’s choice for the new for attorney general. Not as easy to swear him in as one would expect, when it’s revealed that the man once paroled a crook who, a week after he was let out of jail, went and shot an elderly woman in the face. Yep, a media frenzy, and then some, kicks into high gear.