Review : Lost – One of Them


Episode airing Monday May 29

Lost – Monday May 29
Network : 7
Time : 8:30 PM

The Verdict : When that crazy French chick Rousseau leads Sayid to a mysterious captive in the jungle, he becomes determined to find out if he is one of the Others. Meanwhile, Sawyer discovers Hurley’s potentially devastating breach of the survivors’ trust and blackmails him into helping track an elusive island creature that won’t leave Sawyer alone.

OK, it has its moments (some good stuff between Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway, for a start), but this is just another episode, if you ask me. Nothing special at all – pretty much like everything every other one this – or as I like to call, it ‘the Abrams-less season’ – year. But then again…. Evangeline Lily is in quite a few scenes, and ain’t nothing wrong with ‘dat!

Things start to get a little more interesting towards the end of the season, starting with another death – google it yourself, if you wanna know who gets it, I’m not revealing it – and you know they’re always good for ratings.