Review : Hello Goodbye


Episode airing May 25

Hello Goodbye – Thursday May 25
Network : 9
Time : 9:00 PM

The Verdict : A rather unique new series, hosted by Rebecca Harris, in which the lass randomly approaches people in the airport, hoping to unpack their emotional baggage.

You may recall that in last weeks episode, John brought his best friend’s girlfriend out from Canada as a surprise and tonight Rebecca Harris finds out how the trip went as Lena is set to return home.

Just one of the many stories in this ‘unique’ and I’m ashamed to say, somewhat touching, Aussie series.

Also, we meet Lori-Beth and Marco, who have been married with two children and have been living in his home country of Italy. After six weeks in Australia Lori-Beth wants to stay and Marco is returning to Italy, leaving them torn as they are not sure when they’ll meet up again.

Also, it’s been a rough year for Lorette who has been battling breast cancer, and at times it didn’t look like she would make it, and now is she off to Hong Kong with her mum.