Review : Around the World in 80 Days


Airs May 29, MOVIE ONE

Around the World in 80 Days – Monday May 29
Network : Movie One
Time : 8:30 PM

The Verdict : A remake of a 1956 film of the same name, and before that, an 1873 novel by Jules Verne, “Around the World in 80 Days” centres on an eccentric Londoner Phileas Fogg (Steve Coogan) who sets out to orbit the globe in 80 days, with the assistance of fugitive Passepartout (Jackie Chan). On their journeys they run into quite a few weird and wonderful characters and visit quite a few exotic locations.

While it isn’t the stout turkey many are saying it is, Director Frank Coraci’s updated of “Around the World in 80 Days” would no doubt still have author Jules Verne spinning in his grave. For starters, there’s a real lack of story – and in its place, a heap of martial arts action, provided, of course, by star Jackie Chan. If anything doesn’t fit in a film version of “80 Days” – its chop suey rumble. Whenever the laughs start to thin – and that’s a lot of the time – Chan picks a fight with another horde of renegade butt-kickers. Even Chan himself seems wrong for the film. Sure, he’s quite a funny character at times (as witnessed in the “Shanghai Noon” and “Rush Hour” series) but as Passepartout, sidekick to our lead adventurer, he’s a little out of his depth.

And whilst Steve Coogan does quite a job as scientist Phileas Fogg, he’s not charismatic or interesting enough to watch. Hugh Grant – who funnily enough, was approached for the part – would’ve been much more entertaining in the role.