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New Ghost Rider trailer online

Nicolas Cage, on ya bike!

Yeah. Hmmm. Well….I guess… could be ok….still not sold…..hey, is that a Victorian Tram in the background?

Behold, the new “Ghost Rider” trailer, aka ‘that movie Nicolas Cage made in Melbourne, last year, which resulted in them shutting down the streets we travel to work on’.

Granted, the effects do look good. Looks like the dude has got a bit of a curry-esque fire going on there…. if the storyline is half as good (and have heard that the script is actually OK), we might have ourselves the new “X-Men”, or atleast, um, “Daredevil”.

But, seriously guys, I haven’t read a friggin’ comic book since you could pick up a copy of “Jughead” at your local milk bar for 10 cents — – the fans are the only ones that’ll know whether they’ve pulled it off. Take a microscope to it, boffins!

View the “Ghost Rider” trailer

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