Jackie Chan Vs.Teabing?


Ian McKellen, the villain of the next “Rush Hour”?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “X-Men 3” director Brett Ratner announced that he’s hoping to get Ian McKellen, who plays the baleful Magneto in the latter film, to play the nasty piece of work in “Rush Hour 3”.

McKellen, whose also reprising his “X-Men” role for a spin-off, would play “the very bad French villain, who is inspired by Max Von Sydow in Three Days of the Condor”, says the director.

Meantime, according to IESB, hot-as-a-microwaved-muffin Roselyn Sanchez (“Dragnet”) has signed to reprise her role as Isabella Molina – the character she played in 2001’s “Rush Hour 2” – for the forthcoming film.

According to director Brett Ratner, Sanchez’s role will only be a “cameo” this time around. She’s back as the secret customs agent that fell for Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan), in the last film.