Is Indiana Jones 4 filming in Queensland?


Doubtful, but interesting none-the-less

Second crazy Steven Spielberg rumour of the week (after yesterday’s news that he might be attached to direct the “Da Vinci Code” prequel).

This one indicates, hypothesizes, or rather, serves as hope, that the bearded-one may have secretly started shooting scenes for “Indiana Jones 4” in Queensland.

News.Com.Au – via The Indy Experience – report that Spielberg is in Queensland working on a top-secret film project, filming nights.

The shoot is at an island location, with the director believed to be staying at the Palazzo Versace hotel.

While there rumours that Queensland was being considered as a possible location for the new “Indiana Jones” movie, would Spielberg really have been able to sneak in (and with Harrison Ford, assumingly) and start the film up, without anyone being none the wiser?

Stranger things have happened (for one, he lent his name to “The Flintstones”) but if Spielberg is indeed in the country, I’d say it’s for something totally different. He’s possibly shooting a commercial for the ‘save the koala’ foundation, or something. I dunno.