Lloyd keen for Back to the Future 4


Speaks on a new documentary about it

There have been rumours of a “Back to the Future 4” for years – one had Sarah Michelle Gellar linked to the project, playing a youthful scientist, another had Michael J.Fox being downgraded to cameo player – but rumours being rumours, they were burnt quicker than mulleted-hair near a wall heater.

In an interview with BTTF.com (for their forthcoming DVD “Looking back at the Future”), Christopher Lloyd says he’d be keen to wear the frizzy locks of Doc Brown again – and if they could pull it off, ‘Great Scott’ he’d be there.

“I think it’d be a wonderful thing if it could be pulled off,” Lloyd professes in the documentary. “I don’t know what the angle might be or whatever, but if Bob Gale wants to write another one and Bob Zemeckis gets excited to do it, anything could happen.”

In 1999, Amblin commissioned several writers to pen treatments for a potential “Back to the Future 4”, but the project was ultimately shelved.

Thanks to ‘Stephen’