Release Plans for Feast


When is it hitting cinemas? When is it hitting Blockbuster?

Was just talking to one of the producers of “Feast” , who has some good news for those who have been yanking for the film to hit the creamy screen. It’s coming. I swear. September. September 22, to be exact.

The movie – which you’ll recall was the result of the last “Project Greenlight” – will be released in several theatres, and then will hit DVD sometime near Halloween. So, a very quick window between the cinema release and the DVD release. Regardless, it’s great that it’s finally coming out – and on the big screen, the way a good ol’ splatterfest should be seen.

You may recall our own Tim Basham got to check the film out, not too long ago, at a festival. He enjoyed it. Here’s his review again, just in case you missed it first time around.


Diane Goldner, Anthony “Treach” Criss, Jason Mewes, Henry Rollins, Eric Dane, Tyler Patrick Jones, Clu Gulager, Judah Freidlander, Jenny Wade, Navi Rawat, Balthazar Getty, Krista Allen

Thanks to the “15 minutes of fame”element in reality TV, Director John Gulager is possibly more recognizable than any independent film director today—this, despite the fact that few have even seen his first and only film. Gulager was last year’s star of Bravo’s “Project Greenlight”, where co-producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck select one script and one director among thousands of submissions. Viewers painfully watched as Gulager went from a confident winner to a pathetic looking loser who had lost his grip on his film and then back again to winner as he proved himself competent after all.

Somewhere along the way, while the show struggled to attract viewers (at the moment it appears it will be cancelled) the film was finally made and is about to be released. “Feast” is a horror film, and not a bad one at that. Following a well-worn plot, a group of terrified citizens are trapped in a remote location (in this case, a bar in the middle of nowhere) while some unknown, mysterious creatures try to break in and, presumably, devour said inhabitants. Familiar though it may be, there is just enough tongue-in-cheek dialogue and blood-splattering effects to keep you in your seat till the closing credits.

While meeting some of the bar’s patrons (complete with captions on their chances of survival) it’s clear that the scriptwriters (‘Project Greenlight’ winners Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton) wanted to establish the characters’ identities quickly, hence their names: Heroine, Beer Guy, Honey Pie, Grandma, Bozo, Harley Mama, Vet. But just when you think you know what will happen next, it doesn’t.

If there were doubts about Gulager’s abilities as a director, they are swept away by some wonderful performances. Henry Rollins is dead-on in his portrayal of a not-so-convincing motivational coach. And Gulager’s real-life dad and veteran character actor Clu Gulager was perfectly cast as the stern and steady bartender. And what’s a monster flick without some gratuitous cheesecake. Jenny Wade easily steals scenes as the ditsy waitress Honey Pie.

Like the B-movies of the 50’s and 60’s, the creatures’ appearances are few and far between—portions of slimy body parts, something running across the parking lot. But instead of detracting from the suspense it enhances it. You’ll especially love the sex-crazed, monstrous offspring that makes it into the bar. If you watched the Greenlight series, you know about the many discussions on how the creatures should look, and where they came from. (During the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Gulager hinted at more changes.) However, as also played out in the series, too many cooks can put a real damper on a good barbecue. My suggestion is to leave well enough alone and let the “Feast” begin.

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Reviewer : Tim Basham