Review : CSI : NY – American Dreamers


Tuesday 13th June, 9:30PM, NINE

CSI: New York – Tuesday June 13th
Network : NINE
Time : 9:30 PM

The Verdict : When a tourist discovers a skeleton on a Times Square double-decker tour bus, the CSIs must investigate whether the remains were left there as a practical joke or if the person was murdered. After closely examining the remains, Dr. Hawkes discovers that the victim was likely a Caucasian male teenager who died from a blow to the head more than 10 years ago. Their search leads them to a bus station and a missing boy who disappeared in 1987. The team must then piece together the clues to find out how the boy really died and who was to blame.

It amazes me how good this show, and its sister shows (“CSI”, “CSI: Miami”), still are. They’re able to come up with absorbing storylines, still get enthused performers out of their actors, and maintain their audiences – week in, week out – regardless of how long they’ve been running for, and how much hours of television they’re actually producing – with all those spin-offs, it must be quite a bit – each week.

“NY” might actually be the better of the three series on right now too – possibly because it’s the newest member of the family, so it feels new, and they’ve only started to scratch the surface of the storyline opportunities there. Granted, it does feature Gary Sinise in the lead, who’s probably the biggest name to front a “CSI” so far, so it had some meat on its fillet from the get-go.