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What is he planning for the “Halloween” redo?

Rob Zombie, director of the forthcoming “Halloween” redo, titled simply “Halloween”, told HalloweenMovies.com a little about his plans for the movie, and explained what he meant when he said it wouldn’t be a sequel, but more of a re-imagining of the series.

“I am basically making a prequel and a semi-remake of the first film all in one. So really in theory there will be more original content than remake content. That’s why I don’t like the word “remake”, says the rocker turned filmmaker.

“I wouldn’t even go near this project if I didn’t feel like a had a fresh, worthwhile approach to the material. Besides, I’m not touching one single frame of Carpenter’s classic. That film will remain as it always has.

“I talked to John about it and he was vey supportive. He basically said, “That’s great Rob, go for it and make it your own.” What more do I need?”

Zombie says the new film “begins in 1978” and it will tell of Michael Myers’ younger years, and how and why he became the vicious slaughterer we known him best for. “I think this aspect of the story is very important in order to bring new life to the character of Michael Myers”.

Michael Myers will be keeping the “classic Mask” says Zombie, and he’ll also be bringing back some of the classic characters from the earlier movies, so it will share quite a few links to the original film.

The full interview can be found here.