Review : 24 – 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M


Thursday June 21, 9:30 PM, SEVEN

24 – Thursday June 21
Network : SEVEN
Time : 9:30 PM

The Verdict : I don’t know how they do it, but they do it, and “24” remains as fresh, and as exciting – possibly even more so, in fact – than it did when it first debuted on the tube some five seasons ago.

The latest series is a cracker. Significantly better than Season 4, and probably on par with the first couple of seasons, it truly re-invents the show, bringing something new to it, and managing to get us invested in the characters again – from the very first ‘tick tock, tick tock’.

For those that missed the opener, it saw Jack (Kiefer Sutherland), whom everyone presumes is dead, living under the name of ‘Frank’ with a mother and her son. When Jack gets a call informing him that anyone and everyone who knows that he’s still alive is being assassinated – including a prominent political figure – he heads back to Los Angeles to face the music… and gun-toting madmen. This time, the conspiracy is rooted deep, and by golly, if someone over there at the White House isn’t as dirty as a cloth used to yank off a radiator cap.

In tonight’s episode, Jack re-enters his former workplace, CTU, and discovers that his old girlfriend, Audrey (the foxy Kim Raver), is now working there. To say she’s a little shocked to see Jack alive is an understatement. We also learn that Jack’s daughter, Kim (Elisha Cuthbert, who returns for a couple of episodes later on in the series), doesn’t know that Daddy is still alive. Meanwhile, the hunt is on to find the nerve gas that the baddies plan on killing a billion or so folks with.

If you’ve never watched “24”, there’s no better time to start than now. What’s good about this show is that you don’t need to watch every season of it, as long as you come in at the start of each respective season. If season, you see, is like one long movie…. so as long as you don’t miss the start of the movie, you’re fine.

Season 5 only gets better as it goes along. Believe me.