Diesel’s latest in Transit


“Fast & The Furious” star quits latest picture

Vin Diesel has apparently walked from what sounded like one of his more promising future efforts. In “Black Water Transit”, Diesel would’ve played a criminal whose trying to get his family’s illegal gun collection to a safe haven.

According to VinExperience, Diesel has dropped out of the picture, leaving the film without a lead. Kevin Bacon was due to co-star.

The film, from music-video director Samuel Bayer, was expected to start filming at the end of July in Chicago. Savvy autograph hunters of the windy city are apparently quite devastated that Mr.Vincent won’t be headed to town.

It is hoped that the film will be recast (Bruce Willis was originally being sought for a lead role, it’s possible he may return?), and will return to Chicago to shoot – later in the year.

Local Chicago residents shouldn’t despair though, another action hero may be headed to town. Rumour has it that Bruce Willis and the “Die Hard 4” roadshow may have chosen the city as the location for the new sequel.

Thanks to ‘Janine’