Moviehole MailBag – 13/7/06


The one where Holden makes my brain hurt

Guest Host : Adam Weeks
(did I mention I’m at MySpace now?)

OK, so here’s the deal sports-fans. For the next couple of weeks, “Hollywood Movie Star” Clint Morris is gonna be stateside, covering the kind of ridiculous shit that you & I could only dream about – which leaves me literally holding the bag (mail wise anyway) – he’ll definitely be popping in with all sorts of crazy-cool info as time progresses, but as for right now – I hold your questions and comments in the palm of my enormous hands, so please Email Weeksy with your best [or most ridiculous] question / comment for the immediate future. To kick things off, I have to preface this a little bit: Over the past who knows how long, we’ve been hearing from an utter whack job by the name of Holden, who writes like a crack-head talks. We received a bucket load of mail from him this week, so let’s play “Count along with the wonderful world of Holden” – unedited:

Q. (1) back again i had brain storm i think do a remake of ultraman tv show i think they make it in to movie and up date it i think be kinda cool if ann lee direct it would be bigest hit ever i think big action flick be like the iron giant but even better i for the weapon of his gun should be up dated that be cool he should’t turn in to giant because giant car robot they make it more like trans formers that way has car he could jump in active meag zord he still inside the car contorl the robot in side the car that a cool remake

(2) hey guys i was wondering about underworld 3 is kate bcekinsale going to return in i heard she wasn’t going to return it I think it,s stpuid because i think she make,s really superhero vamprie and i think they keep her because that is a really hot vamprie and very sexy vamprie but i think they should keep her in 3rd one then it would be last one that be trilogy that just complete the hole thing i would play in one last time and would it

(3) hey guy,s i had an idea i don’t think they should put robin in the batman trilogy because i have better idea what i think they should do is make a robin movie because that would be way better that way could dick garyson became robin that greatest story ever told it be really darker action story suit going turn out really good because red green yellow and black it should still have the r symbol for the suit i have the title for the film is called robin began,s clint morris i hope because it,s story i thought of up my self because robin should be by him self and it,s revnge story of the death of parnets and his bother and sister dark

(4) hey you guy,s i was wondering when are you going to make back to the future 4 i would like see michel j fox play dr brown because that an old actor in it that would orginial i don’t you get chrispother Lloyd to play as dock again i know who get for marty mcfly beckin myer to play as marty that be some thing i hope work,s out

(5) are we going to hazzard 3 in works if i want see on the big screen and if becomes a big hit they should 4 5 6 to complete car triloghy that would be something

(6) when ,s tim burton make another comic book movie i think that really cool to see him make another comic book movie sam ramia should do darkman4 and have tim burton wrtie the story for it i think that make it really good make it deeper and darker story

(7) are tou guy,s car,s sequel that be really cool to see car,s the movie was the best they 2 and 3 at of it

(8) i was when are you guy,s going to make another power ranger,s movie 10 years ago it came out 1995 why can they another one on the big screen jason frank who played as tommy as green and white ranger 3rd movie if 20 century fox allowed project in the work’s i was thinking jason play in it any way tv,s show,s stink 3rd movie be really tommy fight the green ranger so any way i hope does come back big screen

(9) i was wondering is there going to be ultraviloet 2 and 3 in work,s that be really cool to millia jovich kick but in the sequels and also make her in to video game from the movie that would be really some thing i think that really some thing to see because really kick,s butt she my icon

(10) what did you get for dasiy,s car this time i was 1970 dodge challger of 1971 plymouth gtx car you have car this time because a jeep don’t match it a car was better dasiy think about it and put no about the cars and p.s i won’t write about cars

(11) hey guy’s i was thinking i had some idea,s for the dukes of hazzard 2 who did you get the ballader i still thinking larry the cable guy play as story teller i think he would make really good ballader who did get cooter i was just wondering who did you for bo duke you tell me who is because i really need tow know

(12) guy,s i heard that brain singer going to superman vs batman movie to tell you the turth i don’t think they make that it be really stupid i,m mean that,s dome hero,s fight each other i don’t that movie be that great don’t do it because won’t be hit

(13) hey guys i thought let you know that there not going to be a mad max 4 because i read it on the madmax website it,s kind dispointment well better go for – Holden
A. Thirteen! Thirteen incomprehensible ravings – the kind of shite that you would find in the diary of a serial killer…… Jay, my man, please take over for me here: “I’ll take this one for ya, Clint…HEY!! Holden! Do me a favor. in fact, do us all a favor. Find someone in your native land that speaks both English AND Holden-ese. Tell them what you want to say. Let them write the letter. Because either they need to up your dosage at the state-run institution you currently reside at or the “translator” button at the top of your screen ain’t worth sqaut!
Oh! and F.Y.I. – “The Dukes of Hazzard” sucked. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

Q.>Alrightey Clint my man, how ya getting’ on? I’m hoping you can help me here. I’ve just read that Angelina Jolie is rumored to be in talks to co-star with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott’s “American Gangster”. Do you have any info on this as to whether it’s true or not?
Cheers man
– The lusty leprechaun
A. Lusty my man, anything is possible brother. I’ve got no direct pipeline to Sir Ridley, but it wouldn’t be too far fetched to picture Angie baby alongside those two. Like anything though, have a film in development long enough, and you’ll get 30 names “attached” to it before the camera starts rolling.

Q.Hi employees of
About Robocop Remake.
Is there already any new inside news available from Sony about the “Robocop” remake? Such as:Actor/Director/Writer/PG Rating choice? For director choice I hope they are using Michael Bay or James Cameron! With the studio Choice I’m not really happy (screengems). Screengems has a bad past of movies (“Ultraviolet”, “Underworld”, “Resident Evil”) Why is Sony not using Columbia Pictures for this big project? Btw can we expect any official news very soon by Sony about this “Robocop” remake?
Sorry for the shitty English
– Robert Brand from Belgium
A. This dude is Belgian, and he still spells 100% better than Holden – unbelievable. Anyway my friend, there is absolutely zilch on my end for “Robocop” at this point, I believe the boss may have some more info during his upcoming trip, but as for casting etc. I have nothing for ya.

Q. When will the TV show “Prison Break” be released in the states? -Eric
A. Errrr, hasn’t it already been released? I think what you are asking there is about the DVD set – if so, it will hit the shelves over there August 8th, shortly before season 2 premieres.

Q. Dear friend, I am Italian, and I like “The Lost” serial TV in Italy the last winter, I don’t know if repeat this program another time but, I hope, excuse me if I speak English non very good, thanks. – Isolina
A. Ok, broken English, but still 100% better than Holden – Isolina, what I gather you are asking is if the Italian TV networks plan on repeating “Lost” at some point in the future? I would say that it would probably be the case at some point….. but that’s just a guess.

Q. Hello
I always believe you over any other movie site. IMDB said that the next Bruce Banner is probably gonna be either Brendan Fraser or Dominic Purcell…that’d be kinda cool if Brendan Fraser did it.. If so how many movies is this guy gonna make in the near future!! Thanks again for all the movie info.
A. Hey Nick. OK, what I hear is that the studio is definitely going to try for Eric Bana again, and if he decides to give it a pass, they will explore other boys for the role, but probably not Brendan or Dominic.

Q. What are the chances that one of the network morning shows would do a Suggestion box via e-mails/letters ect. where viewers could send their recommendation for a movie.
Good Morning America:
Segment where viewers would submit suggestions of books that should be made into the movies. A movie Minnie Vautrin a movie about the Nanking Incident or a movie on suspense thriller write. I know when I speak for many that the quality of movies which includes Hollywood/ HBO or other TV movies are either remakes, unimaginative and are poor quality. There is a rich treasure trove of movie plots that could be made into movies.
I trust you can make sense of my erractic suggestion and question but hearing that that there is talk of making another “Grease” movie just set me off.
– Kaitlynn
A. Ummmm….. Yes?

Q. Hello. I was wondering if you’ve anything about a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3” if the upcoming prequel is successful? Thanks. -Anon
A. If I were a betting man, I would say that if the new prequel does well enough at the Box Office, a third outing would be green lit pretty quickly…..

Q. Hey, couple of questions from Japan – so, is there any news about the status of “Masters of the Universe” or “Thundercats”? Those are great shows, and would make fantastic movies. Does anyone else think that a re-launch of “Hulk” is a bad idea? I mean why is that necessary? It seems like they could be just as well leaving the back story as is, using Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly, who both were well cast, and just doing a better story. The first “X-Men” wasn’t stellar, and was a WAY different take than the comics, but no one felt the need to go in and destroy what was established by the first movie – and from that came one of the most successful comic book franchises ever. Just venting – sorry. “Hulk” wasn’t a bad movie, it just wasn’t fantastic. Oh well. Thanks for a great site. – Rick
A. No, don’t be sorry, “Hulk” really was a bad film. As far as questions one and two go, “Masters” is still most likely going to be moving ahead, the latest word I hear is that the goal is to begin shooting late 2007 (but that was a little while back now, so it’s probably changed since then), “Thundercats” on the other hand I have absolute zilch on, other than a couple of drawings I saw a year or so ago – and they really weren’t anything special.

Q. Hey man love the site. Over at there’s the teaser trailers for “Spiderman 3” and “Transformers”. Now with the “Transformers” movie, is it to be set in modern time, or future settings? Also since we will finally see Venom in “Spiderman 3” can we expect a spin-off in the next few years? Thanks keep up the great work. -Madix
A. Well, thanks for that. “Transformers” is one I haven’t been following that closely, but I believe it is set modern day – as for a “Venom” film, anyone who has even casually read the “Spider-Man” comics knows how much there is to milk out of him, so if it’s done well enough in “S 3”, we’ll get some more Symbiote goodness.

Q.“Superman Returns”- I don’t want Singer’s persona overtaking the Superman franchise. There’s something self-indulgent about his work in this movie. Superman is more important than he is. I don’t want Superman movies to come to a halt because of problems his work here has created. He needs to get his head out of his ass and focus on the work. – Damien
A. I’m sure that right now, Bryan is crying into his piles of cash.

Q. Do you think we’ll ever see Jim Carrey do “ACE VENTURA 3”? Every great actor needs at least one franchise as part of their legacy. I think Ace Ventura has the potential of being a long-running franchise like the Pink Panther. Both are highly eccentric detectives. p.s. any rumors on “Austin Powers 4” getting made? If they have a good script it’s guaranteed to make at least 100 million, if not 200 million. -Chris Lindsay
A. OK….. no to “Ace”, I’m pretty certain that he won’t be going there anytime soon. As for “AP 4”, Mike Myers has been trumpeting that idea since “Goldmember” hit the big screen, and considering the success that they have had, I would be more likely to put a bet on that franchise.

Q. hey, hey, yeah fucking assholes, here I
am, I am mark ad soon you will see me in a movie wich I cannot name, that¡s all. and lindsay you are a cool girl but you have a butt under Ur head, marrie me!
– Whorely
A. Holden! It is not cool to assume other names! (Just out of curiosity, what does having a butt under your head mean?)

Q. Hey my friend, how are you? Is there any news on “Hostel 2”,also what are the big movies of ‘07 ? Can’t wait for “Spiderman 3” but have not seen anything else that looks good. Cheers mate – Darren
A. Other than the fact that “Hostel 2” is going to be set pretty much immediately after the events of the first film, and that Jay Hernandez will most likely be back, I haven’t heard a whole lot more there. Big movies of 2007? Well, I’m not sure why I’m getting so pumped up for it, but “Rocky Balboa” has got me all sorts of excited – and yes Aussie fans, latest release schedule says “Balboa” is hitting the screens March ’07, compared to December in the US.

Q. Hey what’s up?? I just read your post about Ving Rhames joining the cast of the remake for “Day of The Dead”. I think this is awesome, since I’m a HUGE fan of the Remake of “Night of the Living Dead” and the recent “Dawn of the Dead”. My only question for you is, Will Ving be playing the same character from “Dawn”?? If so, do you think some of the other characters from the remake will be back? I’m kinda hoping this will be a Sequel to “Dawn” and remake at the same time. – Isaac
A. I totally agree there, I thought “Dawn” was all sorts of kick-ass. I would swear that during the end credit sequence of “Dawn”, there is a shot of Ving heading into the jungle with his shotgun, so I say yes, he will be back in the same part.

Q. You had Jerry Bruckheimer on one of your recent articles. I want to send a message to Mr Bruckheimer through you, and that is…..
I strongly object, to his chopping anhd changing the English Language. In most of his “CSI Series” the word, “victim” has been changed to “vic” which I strongly object to. There are quite a lot of other changes too. I do hope you’ll be able to pass on my messgae to him, and hope to hear from him, PERSONALLY on this shocking state of what I call…”the raping of the English Language”
– Phillip Stanley Bougard
A. Uh-huh. I will pass along your “messgae” about the chopping “ahnd” changing of the English language.

Q.2 things…
Did you catch Tim Story’s blog update on FF at
Also, Jon Favreau just annouced (See last post by me in this thread: that Iron Man will start filming in February 07. 🙂
Oh nice find on Black Panther but I always pictured LL as Luke Cage and Jamie or Snipes as Panther. Any news on Luke Cage or Punisher 2??? Is Tom Jane going to ComicCon? He should with all these comic films he has coming. LOL
– Corona Realtor
A. Well, we all have now at any rate. I think Tom is going to Comic Con, but I’m not sure in which capacity. I keep hearing that “Punisher 2” is definitely happening every couple of months, but then it seems to die off again.

Q. THE DIVIDE take to the Rocket Bar stage (18+, $10) on Friday August 11 with friends FORESHORE and UNIVERSE.
Those of our friends who came along to the listening party would know THE DIVIDE have recently completed recording their debut self-titled album (recorded at Mixmasters Studios and mastered at Studio 301), to be released later this year.
There is a taste of the album up on the new MySpace site too: …so check it out! See you at the show.
– The Divide
A. Oops, wrong mailbag!

Q. Hello I have three different scoops to relay to you regarding Vin Diesel and Anna Vega.

Thanks to Bre2Hot

To clarify some rumors that have been going around about Vin “secretly” filming Hannibal in the Dominican Republic, I wrote a letter to Mr.
Henry Vasquez who is the Personal Assistant of Mr. Juan Carlos Benzant in Trabucazo Films. He has graciously responded and has clarified the
rumors. Thank You, Mr. Vasquez.

Here is the letter received:

Gracias por la carta con respecto al rodaje
sobre Hannibal las ultimas noticias que hemos sabido la parte de rodaje en Santo Domingo esta programado para Noviembre y sobre LA REVOLUTION DE
LOS MUCHACHOS aun esta en proceso de negociaciones y pre/produccion.
Henry Vasquez
Asistente Personal del Sr. Juan Carlos Benzant Trabucazo Films

TRANSLATION: Thanks for the letter in regards to the filming of Hannibal. The latest news that we have is that the part that is going to be filmed
in Santo Domingo is scheduled for November and on LA REVOLUTION DE LOS MUCHACHOS it is still in the process of negotiations and pre/production.

Henry Vasquez
Personal Assistant of Mr. Juan Carlos Benzant Trabucazo Films

As it has been reported at, Ana Vega has been linked to the Vin Diesel\’s pet project, Hannibal. She is of a few women who have been
connected to the film of Hannibal. Vin Diesel in the past has mentioned an interest in Paz Vega but nothing came to fruition. Now, Ana Vega has been
listed at It is unclear as to the details of what her role may be. However many members at Unofficial Vin Diesel Fan Club have
considered the idea that it may be for the role of Hannibal\’s wife Imilce.

Now when LadyA30 first noticed that Ana Vega had been added to the IMDB page she posted the information on our board. We immediately searched
for a picture on the internet. We were unable to produce any results. Due to the ingenuity of the Unofficial Vin Diesel Fan Club, Westhbeth and
DieselFan25 were able to place a face to a name. Westbeth graciously took the time to make screencaps of Ana Vega in the film Incautos (English title release, Swindled) where she played the role of the telephonist.

DieselFan25 then assisted Westbeth in posting the pictures in the thread. So whether or not she will have a role in the film Hannibal, only time will tell.

Thread entitled Ana Vega:

The pictures I had mentioned are located on page two of above thread:


According to Windmill71, she emailed Capitol Films and Ascendent Films regarding Vin Diesel pulling out of Black Water Transit. Many of us questioned it, and its reason and even the point of whether Vin was slated to play in the film as does not list him. Well, Jessica has responded telling Windmill71 that he is still attached to the film.

This is her correspondance with Capitol Films and Ascendent Films:

Hi ********,

As far as we are aware Vin Diesel is still attached to the picture.

Best wishes,

—–Original Message—–
From: ***** ***** [mailto:*******@****.***]
Sent: 10 July 2006 09:19
To: films
Subject: Re: Black Water Transit… Dear Capitol Films, c/c: Ascendant

I have read rumors about the recent unexplained departure of one of the stars, Vin Diesel (to play Earl Pike), for Black Water Transit. Reel Chicago have issued this statement… and with no Vin Diesel…


I went to check if this is true and went to your website to find his name is still attached to the project and still on as scheduled. I also checked
Ascendant Pictures’ website…g.html#bwt
–also with his name still on deck. Should I take this as a rumor or has your website not been updated? Why the delay? Why did Mr. Diesel pull out? I would very much appreciate if you can respond back to me and fill me in.
Thank you very much.

P.S. The casting selections are outstanding….just phenomenal. I have read the Carsten Stroud book and the actors chosen so far, are perfect. Hats off to the casting directors. For Earl V. Pike, I thought of
Ed Harris and Jack Vermillion by Sam Elliot. Good choice about Vin, though.

Sincerely, – SexyLatina – UVDFC Administor
A. Now you see, this is what happens when I come in late………. I’m sure that makes sense to some of you.

Q. Hey Clint, just read your article on the new Jimmy Olsen on “Smallville”. you said it’s Aaron Ashmore, but the pick you have up is a pic of Shawn Ashmore. Just to let you know. – Erik

Q. You guys have a picture of Shawn Ashmore from “X-Men” up as Aaron Ashmore for your “Smallville” casting article. – Nick
A. Got some news for you there boys, Shawn & Aaron are twins.

Q.“Day Of The Dead” Remake Casting News. Blackfilm Is Reporting That Ving Rhames Is Definitely In The Remake But Mira Sorvino Is Not Going To Be In The Remake But Mena Suvari And Nick Cannon And Michael Welch And Annalynne McCord And Stark Sands All Have Been Cast In The Remake
– Jayme
A. Does It Take Longer To Type An E-Mail To Moviehole When You Make Sure That Every Word Starts With A Capital Letter?

Q. One little mistake in your Barnard Hughes piece. It wasn’t Robby Benson who co-starred with him. It was Clark Brandon. Benson’s IMDB listing doesn’t credit him with any role on “Mr Merlin”, which was a kick@$$ show btw.
– Rob
A. It’s cool Rob, you can say ass here.

Q.What do you think about Jim Carrey possibly playing Captain Kirk in “STAR TREK 11”?
After watching both Ace Ventura films recently I was blown away by Jim Carrey’s impersonation of Captain Kirk. He mimicked Kirk so perfectly that I laughed my head off! (In Ace Ventura Nature calls Jim Carrey does a brief Captain Kirk send-up when he is on the plane.) warm regards,
– Chris Lindsay
A. I very much doubt that it’s gonna happen. I think they will probably go for someone that can physically pull off a young Bill Shatner, but I don’t think they want a straight impersonator in there.

Q. Clint/Adam/Monkey (or whoever is answering whilst at comic con) Hey guys, was wondering if Aus was ever going to see the super kick ass extended edition of Sin City. I have been holding off buying the movie until this comes out but it is taking for ever. Should I just give in and order from Amazon.
– Matthew
A. It’s me, door number two. Brother, I know that I ended up grabbing it from the US – and you might want to consider it as well, because there is still no release date in sight for it over here yet.