Preview Night at Comic Con


Clint, in “Xena” outfit, live from San Diego

Ten Minutes ago, about six zillion comic buffs (and one dude dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow) burst through the glass doors of Comic-Con, and headed for the huge exhibition hall. Yep, its preview night and anyone who knows their Frank Miller from their Joss Whedon, has hit the halls in an effort to grab the latest comics, face-masks or signatures of the stars.

I tell ya, it’s crazy. Mad. Chaotic. Hectic. Bursting with energy. In the morning, there was hardly a car in sight. By 3pm, San Diego was packed. Cars everywhere. Horns screaming. Curbside fights. Dudes hanging from bars with bottles stapled to their hands.

Broke up the madness today – – by checking out “The Devil Wears Prada”. Wasn’t too bad at all…. or, it was totally awful…and I didn’t notice because Anne Hathaway was so friggin’ gorgeous in it. Man, if only you could order that by the slice. Oh Yeah Baby.

Anyway, the big stuff begins in the morning. Talk then.