Moviehole MailBag – 20/7/06


The one with the mistaken Oscar

Guest Host : Adam Weeks
(did I mention I’m at MySpace now?)

Hi there kids, Weeksy back behind the wheel for another crack with the Moviehole Mailbag, and all the juicy tidbits it contains. Email Weeksy for all your questions and complaints for the next couple of weeks while the Boss man hob-knobs with the stars, and I’ll do my very darndest to help you all out. Let’s start out first with a response to Jay from last week by the guy who seems to be having some kind of seizure when he puts fingers to keyboard, “Holden”:

Q.> hey jay what i ment was i wanted make the dukes of hazzard 2 more like the tv show that the guy who made frist one i never saw it because i heard was crap what is to make the dukes2 more like the tv show i,m sorry for what i said before but that was my idea dukes 2 is more like the tv show was all never write no more about the dukes think try more like the tv show that,s what i ment think because i got reall good idea,s for it p.s. make it more like the tv show was – from holden
A. Jay, I’ll give you a secret decoder ring later on so you can attempt to make some kind of sense out of it – hold it up to a mirror or something……..

Q. Hey Adam. I’ve been a loyal visitor to this site for well over a year now and I must say you guys rock. Also, I have to say that this individual who calls himself or herself “Holden” has me in stitches. I have never seen anyone write that way. I can feel the pain you guys go through when you read those letters. Anyway, on to my question. What do you think happened to these once promising action heroes who have now been demoted to DTV stars? In their day, Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Wesley Snipes were very entertaining to watch on the big screen. I know that a lot of people tend to include Sly Stallone on this list but I chose not to because I believe he has better big screen potential and, laugh if you will, I think he has more talent then any of these guys. I would like to know your thoughts as well as Clint’s thoughts on this subject and if you think any of them can still make a real big screen comeback without the aid of having a popular rapper as a co-star. – Al
A. “Holden”, whoever the fuck he is, doesn’t leave an e-mail address when he writes to us, so I don’t know what the deal is with him/her. I’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff as well – I might post it at the very end so you guys can skip it if you want…… Anyhow, on to your question: I can only give ya my opinion due to the boss being gone and all – I think out of the three you are talking about, only Steve Seagal is a stand-out guy to me. I think he still makes reasonable films, but it’s when he teamed up with decent Writers and Directors that he stood out, with stuff like “Under Siege”, “Executive Decision” & even “The Glimmer Man” – if he can get another crack at a decent story, even if it means another episode of “Siege”, I think he should be able to get back on the big screen, and perhaps parlay it into something a bit more lasting. The other two are just such whack jobs in real life that they make it hard for themselves – don’t get me wrong, I know Seagal has some pretty hippy-esque style going, but Van Damme sunk his own boat with the drugs & booze, and Snipes makes shitty film after shitty film, and when he does get involved in something successful, he feels the need to badmouth it to anyone who will listen – just my two cents anyway.

Q. re: Superman Returns
A. I’m sure that right now, Bryan (Singer) is crying into his piles of cash.
Are you kidding me? This is your lameass response? Superman Returns *barely* succeeded *despite* Bryan Singer- because it is Superman and that’s what people want. Yeah, bottom line he made some cash- that’s supposed to be impressive? It may be to you shallow wannabes on this site who wish they could make some mediocre commercial movie and give up their boring day job so that they can have their own blow parties, but some people actually expect more. Keep dreaming. If you paid more attention to the feeling out there, you would be able to see that. Point is, Superman better improve- people want to see them continue, with or without Singer.
A. Lameass? Shallow? Wannabe? Moi? How strange that you have stumbled on my master plan to become the next Roger Corman – impressive. Dude, seriously, you’ve written to us two weeks in a row now badmouthing “Superman Returns”, or more specifically, you’ve touched upon some kind of weird fuckin’ grudge that you have with Bryan Singer for some reason. If you want to make an argument about why it was so bad as a “Superman” film, do me a favour and write it out – “This was wrong because of this”; “This scene should have been this”; “This character would not have done this from the established universe” – anything other than Singer is a piece of shit, because unless you’re McG or Brett Ratner and you’re pissed about missing out on the job, I just don’t get the surface hostility here. So I invite you, give me your critique of the film, and I’ll post it up on Friday night or in next weeks Mailbag, and I’ll welcome anyone else’s comments on your thoughts.

Q. You’ve got to be kidding me with the ridiculous crap you’ve been posting from, uhh, readers! It gives me a headache…but if it entertains you…Anyway Stallone as Rocky? At 60? Give me a “fraking” break!! Now why can’t we have Selleck back as Magnum again?
My questions are: any Die Hard 4 updates?
When will Highlander: the Source be released?
Keep the faith…
– Mac
A. Trust me brother, if we’re talking about the Holden, it ain’t entertaining! OK, as far as the Stallone thing goes, I really liked the preview – I mean, it’s not terribly far fetched, George Foreman came out of retirement and claimed back the Heavyweight title at 50, so it might work. But I’m with you as far as Selleck goes, I’d love to see him back as Magnum on the big screen. I’ve got nothing more for you on “Die Hard 4.0” other than the recently announced news that Len Wiseman is on board to Direct. The very latest that I heard on “Highlander: Source” is that it may be headed straight to DVD towards Christmas this year.

A. Damn it! Foiled again! We really should stop stealing news from forums without credit and go back to reading the studio briefs that we get sent….. My apologies to you.

Q. It’s just weird that Batman On Film the source of all “Batman” news is not sure yet about Kate Holmes returning for the sequel but Moviehole claims she is. Nonetheless I’m glad that she’s back for “Batman” and even hoping her screen time is not the rumored predictable Joker whacking.
Thank You.
Las Vegas
– Brad
A. Yeah, I’m not real sure on that one myself, but “Hollywood Movie Star” Clint Morris has the inside track on that kind of stuff, and he’s very confident that she is indeed going to be in the “Batman Begins” follow up. I did hear a little bit about the next one, don’t know if it’s true however – apparently it is very much going to be a Detective story with “Bats” tracking down ol’ smiley face.

Q. Will we ever see the “Aquaman” TV show? Why hasn’t anyone picked it up? Also I hear there was a TV show spin off of “The Outsiders”, is it out on DVD?.Cheers mate -Darren
A. With the rate that some pilots are hitting the web at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one also pops up at some time in the not to distant future. Word is that “Aquaman” just didn’t cut the mustard in the grand scheme of things. As far as “The Outsiders” goes, there was indeed a TV show based on the novel, which premiered in 1990, starring a couple of now famous types, David Arquette & Billy Bob Thornton – unfortunately, no DVD release is on the cards as yet.

Q. Hey Guys, Me again I have a few quick ones for you
1) Halo, What the hell is happening? Is there any truth to the rumors that Guillermo Del Toro is directing? God I hope so. It is the only way I think that the perfect Actor will get cast as the Master Chief. RON PERLMAN (He who should always be named in capitals). I think he would be great but I can’t see other directors giving him the job.
2) Speaking of all things RON, What is the current status of “Hellboy 2”? I think I am the only person who liked the original but damn if it wasn’t some good popcorn style fun.
3) Finally just something to think on. Is it just me or has the “Transporter” series stolen Bond’s bread and butter. I mean they are both never going to win awards for their stories but it seems to me that in the bullshit action stakes Jason Statham has been kicking some tail where as Bond seems to be getting a little old.
Cheers guys, I know it was a bit of a long one this week
– Matthew
A. 1). Hard to say, but if Guillermo is involved, I think something may come from this week’s Comic-Con – but I doubt he is Directing it at the moment – as for the future…. Who knows?; 2). Guillermo is very interested in getting “The Golden Army” up and running, but I think there are some financial concerns at the moment due to the moderate success of the first outing.; 3). I like the “Transporter” films a lot, but I think if any franchise has taken away from Bond, it’s the “Bourne” series. I honestly believe that once people see “Casino Royale”, they’ll be convinced that Daniel Craig is a great choice – you’ll notice our own Gossip Monkey had been rubbishing the choice for a few months now, and after seeing some footage of it recently, it looks as though he’s changed his mind.

Q. I am a really big fan of Green Lantern comics??? What is the status on the movie??? Will there be an announcement soon?! -Ryan
A. Ryan – I’ve got nothing for you brother. Wait until the likes of “Ghost Rider” & “Iron Man” have come & gone, and some more of the lesser known (at least to the mainstream public) characters may get a shot at big screen glory.

Q. Hey, I was wondering if you could update me on Scream 4… is it ever going to happen? Thanks! – Scott
A. the boss tells me it definitely is – and I think that more and more of the original cast are now going to be returning.

Q. Re: Patterson’s “Roses Are Red” – also consider Dennis Haysbert for the role of Alex Cross. This superhero actor is way underutilized. The actor is currently playing Jonas Blane in CBS ‘The Unit’ and “is” in the minds of many … Former US President David Palmer, of “24”. Too bad we can’t talk him into running for The White House. To date, Actor Haysbert has had more international terror experience than President Bush. -MJ
A. You betcha, I’ll take your advice on that big time.

Q. Mena Suvari has never even been nominated for an Oscar, much less won one. I don’t understand how that misconception became a headline for you. – Tommy

Q. Mena Suvari didn’t ever win an Oscar. You might be thinking of the film in which she had a supporting role, “American Beauty” which one Best Picture (Kevin Spacey won a best acting Oscar for his role in the film). – Anon
A. You’re both spot on – it was in fact Kevin Spacey that took home the Oscar for “American Beauty” – somewhere in San Diego, Samuel L. Jackson is berating the Boss for his sloppy investigative work as we speak.

Q. Hi.
I am Brazilian.
He/she has as that message to arrive to Bryan Singer, please.
I want to suggest for the other film of the superman:
1. that he throws nuclear bombs to the space;
2. that he moves tectonic plates;
3. that he suffocates tsunamis.
Superman with Reeve had effects like this.
Batman x Superman didn’t like.
Thank you!
– Flavio
A. A shemale has a message for Bryan Singer? I think that for the next “Supes” film, it will more likely be a new story that really shifts away from the Reeves films – so you might be out of luck there.

Q. To Caffeinated Clint: I must add my voice to others in favor of Nadia Bjorlin for the role of Wonder Woman. She looks the part and after several years in a major role on a soap, her work ethic is proven. – Marcia from Boston
A. Ah, Boston – I miss that place, such a beautiful city. We’re caffeine free for the next couple of weeks, but feel free to continue the “Wonder Woman” discussion in here.