The last stand for “Everwood”?


All the details inside

With any luck, we will have one of our own at this on Friday night, so hopefully we’ll get you some neat stuff on the night itself – but for even a casual fan of “Everwood”, this is gonna be a great time in Burbank:

A Grand Gesture to Celebrate Everwood

Everwood Fans Use a Recurring Theme From the Series to Bring Media Attention to Their Beloved Show

BURBANK, Cali. – July 21, 2006 – A Ferris Wheel will be erected to celebrate and honor the television show Everwood on July 21, 2006 from 1:00 to 6:00 PM in the parking lot of Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School located at 3333 West Oak Street, Burbank, CA. Invited to take part in the event are the Everwood cast, crew, and Greg Berlanti and Rina Mimoun of the creative team; media critics in town for the TCA Press Tour; executive staff of the WB, CW, and UPN; and the public.

Everwood, a critically acclaimed family drama previously televised on the WB network, was prematurely cancelled after four years. The fans, dubbed “Everwoodians,” have united to commemorate the series. They started their campaign by sending “Save Everwood” titled boxes of pinecones gathered by a Girl Scout troop in Pueblo, Colorado to CW President of Entertainment Dawn Ostroff. This effort raised over $1,000 for the troop. The next goal was to boost sales of the Season 1 DVD to pave the way for Seasons 2-4. In six days, Everwood DVD sales jumped from #150 to #1 on Since the Save Everwood campaign is funded entirely by fan donations, Everwoodians have formed a quid pro quo relationship with the Cloud Watchers, Veronica Mars fans who flew a plane over the UPN and CW offices to get their show renewed. Through the Cloud Watcher’s CafĂ© Press store, Everwood related merchandise is being sold with all proceeds benefiting the Everwood campaign, and their sales assisting the Cloud Watchers. Remaining proceeds from the Everwood campaign will be donated to the struggling music program at Ogden High School. Ogden, Utah served as downtown Everwood throughout the show’s filming.

On June 19, 2006, an ad was purchased in Variety to bring attention to their cause and thank the cast, crew, and creative team for their memorable work. With a promise to deliver a “Grand Gesture,” the Save Everwood campaign set Project Ferris Wheel in motion. The symbolism of the Ferris Wheel is significant. In the first season of Everwood, two core characters, Ephram Brown (Gregory Smith) and Amy Abbott (Emily VanCamp), share a ride on a Ferris Wheel that ultimately changes their lives and the lives of all the residents in the quiet mountain town of Everwood. In the Series Finale, Amy declares her love to Ephram with a grand romantic gesture, a Ferris Wheel parked outside his apartment. The Everwoodians invite one and all to their Ferris Wheel event on July 21, 2006 to experience their grand gesture of love for the show, to seek renewal of the series, and to join their continuing quest for the release of Seasons 2-4 on DVD.

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