News from Comic Con : Heath’s Joking?


Rumour has it that Ledger is The Joker

The big buzz around Comic Con – apparently reps from the studio are even suggesting there could be some truth to it to it – is that Australian actor (no, not Lachy Hulme- who was reportedly rumoured to be up for the role, too) Heath Ledger is about to snag the role of ‘The Joker’ in the upcoming “Batman Begins” sequel. Multiple people tipped me off to this today in San Diego. One someone told me tonight that they apparently went with a younger actor to play the role – rather than a Robin Williams or Paul Bettany – because they want The Joker to look of similar age to his adversary, Batman.
No idea whether this means a confirmation will come as soon as Warner’s panel in the morning (unlikely), but never the less, an interesting ‘solid’ rumor. Don’t know if I’m sold on the idea of Ledger as the clown prince of crime, myself, but movie magic is bound to change my mind.
Will let you know if anything else is heard, at Comic Con, on this.