News from Comic Con : Stargate movie on?


And it’s not an “SG1” movie either

Good news for fans of the original “Stargate” movie. Bad news for fans of the “Stargate” TV series.

Dean Devlin confirmed at the “Flyboys” panel at Comic Con, today, that he’s now in negotiations to do two sequels to his popular early 90s sci-fi film “Stargate”. The movie won’t be tied into the popular TV series – or it’s spin-off – though, contrary to reports that it would be, but instead, will be a direct follow-up to the Kurt Russell/James Spader movie (assumingly, that means Kurt Russell and James Spader will return). Essentially, said Devlin, they’ll be using the same scripts they’d written for the sequels way back when.

Devlin says the films are happening because of a new multi-pic deal he’s made with MGM.