News from Comic Con : What’s new with Joel Silver?


Friendly, but tight-lipped

Joel Silver – a very nice chap by the way, and obviously, a rather smart man too considering the weight of his wallet – told Moviehole that the sequel to “House on Haunted Hill” that is now in the works, will be released direct to video. Asked whether he might also be doing a “House of Wax 2”, Silver said he wasn’t interested in doing any more with that (atrocity- my word, not his).

Silver remained fairly tight-lipped on his other upcoming projects, except mentioning that for “Wonder Woman” they’re looking for someone “very young” (he kept stressing ‘young’, so you can forget those Kim Basinger rumours) and that Shane Black’s currently writing a horror film, but yesterday, when he talked to him, he was suffering from a bout of writer’s block.