News from Comic Con : Tarantino rescues Russell!


Kurt is Stuntman Mike in “Grindhouse”

I would’ve loved to have been able to post this dribble of news midway through the panel, but unfortunately I’d spent all my money on hookers, helium balloons and hyenas (if only because they also started with the letter ‘H’) so couldn’t afford to buy a blackberry at the store here in San Diego.

Anyway, the good word is : Quentin Tarantino has cast the fucking legendary Kurt Russell to play a lead role in his segment of the two-movie “Grindhouse” epic. Russell will play the villainous ‘Stuntman Mike’, a killer with some young blood on his agenda.

Now how cool is that? Snake ‘Fuckin’ Plissken in a Tarantino movie? I tell ya, this is one of the best roles Russell has had in years. It smells of a Travolta-size comeback, it really does. I’m so glad Tarantino has given Russell something ripe to bite into – it’s about time.

Though I did catch up with QT afterwards, as well, there’s not a lot else to say about Russell’s part at the time (he just signed on last night), but he did confirm that John Carpenter, Russell’s longtime collabator,is in talks to do the music for the film.

Sweeter than an American breakfast.