Comic Con : Day 3


“Spider-Man” Saturday

OK, instead of starting out by telling you what I did from the moment I slipped my pants on in the morning (probably involves a yawn, scratch or groan), let’s start with what was the best of the day. One word : “Spider-Man”.

Spider-Man 3
This panel rocked. More than the Pearl Jam tour in ’93. Sam Raimi and Laura Ziskin treated a packed hall to a rough trailer for the film – in which we got to see our first look at Venom, the Sandman in action, the new black Spidey suit and so on – and it near took the roof off. The response was totally funktastic. This thing looks better than the last two combined. Joining Raimi on stage were stars Kirsten Dunst, Bryce Dallas-Howard, Topher Grace, Tobey Maguire and Thomas Haden Church. Great stuff.

Ghost Rider
The trailer looks good…… but not great. Still not sold. I will say, however, that the more I see, the more I start to ignite an interest in seeing the thing. The special effects look good. Cage looks perfect in the role. The action sequences look well choreographed. But, there’s just something that doesn’t buck my bowels about this this, yet. I feel it’s going to fall somewhere between, say, “Daredevil” and “The Punisher”. Not a bad thing, just no “Spider-Man” or “X-Men”. The panel, however, was a real treat. Nicolas Cage was just as eccentric and ‘different’ as we’ve all led him to believe (loved the moment where someone teased him about “Firebirds”, Eva Mendes was just as down-to-earth and gorgeous as ever, and director Mark Steven Johnston was welcomingly forthcoming when it came to the finer elements of the film.

Veronica Mars
The entire cast – including the lovely Kristin Bell – was present for an entertaining, and rather informative, panel. No big revelations, but it was again confirmed that the next season will only be thirteen episodes long…. With the possibility of more, or less. Tina Majorino has now been signed as a regular. And one of three central mysteries of the next season will revolve around a school rapist.

Again, nothing much in the way of gossip – they did hint that they only want the show to go for a couple of years, though and have some new cast members joining next season – but it was worth going to, just to see one girl/freak, convinved that the insitute featured in the series was real, determined to verbally bash the cast and crew. Hilarious. Hopefully, she’s locked up now.

Kevin Smith
When Smith became stuck in traffic, his panel was delayed for nearly four hours – “Clerks 2” star Rosario Dawson tried to fill in for as long as she could, before anncouning the new time for the panel – but it was worth the wait. Smith was typically hilarious, and not surprisingly, anyone and everyone was a target. No big revealations, but he did confirm that he’s no longer on board “The Green Hornet”, explaining that he’s just not confident doing a big blockbuster like that,

Disney Panel
As boring as a batshit. Terrible. A blatant plug for the four-disc “Chronicles of Narnia” DVD. Crew members took the audience through some of the DVD’s tiresome extra features – which included a featurette on C.S Lewis, and some special effects junk – but by the end, there wasn’t an open eye in the house. Also rather inspid was the “how we made Davy Jones” from “Pirates of the Caribbean” portion of the program. Couldn’t have been any duller. The “only” interesting moment of the whole panel was a look at the next “Pirates” movie, in which we got our first look at Chow Yun-Fat in character.

The Spirit
It’ll be called “Will Eisner’s The Spirit”, for a start, but more to the point, Frank Miller is writing and directing it. Should be good. Casting won’t start – though Miller did talk about the ages and characteristics he’d like to find in the actors he chooses for the main roles – until the script is written. The villain will be Octopus (Miller hates the character of Ebony, so she was never considered). Filming will begin once Miller wraps “Sin City 2”.

Saturday night here, so gotta bolt.