News from Comic Con : More Grudge and Pants?


Sequel news from “Grudge 2” Interviews

Shouldn’t be surprised, considering it’s all about the cabbage. but interesting to hear that Sony have already started planning for “The Grudge 3” – several months shy of the release of “Grudge 2”.

Takashi Shimizu, director of “The Grudge 2” (saw some footage from the film and it looks OK – hopefully, better than the first), told us today that the studio is keen for him to direct the second sequel [as well]. Though he said he’d like to be involved in some capacity – and he isn’t ruling out directing it, yet – he would probably only produce it. He seems keen to journey beyond the world of “The Grudge”.

Speaking of sequels, “Grudge 2” star Amber Tamblyn (what a cute little ball of energy she was!) said there’s early talks about doing a sequel to the popular “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants”. That shouldn’t be a surprise either – not only because the first film made some OK bank, but because there’s several literary sequels to the first. The original cast would return.

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