Comic Con : Day 4


Clint gets a taste of “Hot Fuzz”

The quietest day of Comic Con – ‘Stax’ (from FilmForce) and I basically had our pick of the seats in the usually packed roped-off journo area – wasn’t, surprisingly enough, that dull at all. In fact, we saw some very good – and very funny – stuff.

The Grudge 2
After some morning interviews (for “The Grudge 2”), we partook in the “Grudge 2” panel – you can never have enough “Grudge” when the pretty Joan of Arcadia is being spoon-fed by the spook – where we were treated to a nice long trailer for the film, and a panel, featuring the chaps we’d just interviewed – Amber Tamblyn, Arielle Kebbel and director, Takashi Shimizu (plus translator).
The footage – though nothing spectacular – was rather effective, giving many audience members a good jump here and there. In fact, from what I saw, the sequel does seem to have a lot more going for it than the [American] original. Sarah Michelle Gellar is briefly seen (it’s essentially given away that she meets her demise – Laurie Strode style – at the start of the film), as is Kebbel’s funky new dark mop. Looked much more entertaining than “The Covenant”, the trailer of which was screened at the top of the panel, which seems to be an inferior blokey version of chicky witch flick “The Craft”.

Rogue – Balls of Fury/Hot Fuzz
Now this was great. Both panels were hugely funny – and the footage from both films was met with a very warm reception, especially the latter, which had everyone in stitches. Edgar Wright and Nick Frost, the “Shaun of the Dead” guys, look set to have another hit on their hands with “Hot Fuzz”, their pisstake of the whole action movie genre. We were shown several exclusive trailers for the film – with the score for “Lethal Weapon 3” playing over them – which were quite simply, gold. The performances, coupled with the dialogue, look to be first-rate. Wright and Frost, there to talk up the film, were also very funny – not to mention, frank – in their discussion of the film.
“Balls of Fury”, which doesn’t look quite as good as the latter, but still nonetheless funny, is a rather unique comedy offering about table tennis. The panel – with the creators – was a pisser, with one unfortunate chap (likely a plant) getting chased about the room for having a jab at the filmmakers for ribbing on ping-pong. All in all, these two movies look rather good – especially “Fuzz”, which couldn’t come soon enough.

Tosia represented the site at the special premiere of “Jericho”, a hot new series – similar to both “Lost” and “Everwood”, and possibly a profusion of both, I’m told – that she assures, delivers. The stars of the show, including Skeet Ulrich, were present for the panel that followed the screening of the pilot.

Compared to the wild night we had with Nic Cage, Sunday was rather quiet, but nonetheless, enjoyable.