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Another Escape for Kurt? Updated

Another Escape for Kurt? Updated

Is the second sequel to “New York” going to happen?

UPDATE : John Carpenter told Aint it Cool that it just isn’t true. “ESCAPE FROM EARTH is an idea we had several years ago, but it never really got any further than that,” he said, adding that he did not meet anyone from Paramount about the project last week.

A few years back – in fact, more than a few years back, back when wireless internet was essentially an unplugged laptop running on a battery with saved html pages in its cache – news surfaced on the internet that sirs Kurt Russell and John Carpenter were set to reunite for a third film in the “Escape From” series that kicked off with the 80s sci-fi fave, “Escape from New York”.

After the colossal failure of the sequel, “Escape from L.A”, it seemed unlikely that Paramount would want to continue the series, nevertheless rumours surfaced that a script called “Escape from Earth”, which featured eye-patched Snake Plissken fighting an interplanetary skirmish, was about to get the greenlight.

Never happened.

Today, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the film might be possibly be in development. Again.

A scooper for the site reports, “A major meeting was held at Paramount last week with both John Carpenter and Kurt Russell in attendance. The topic — preparing for a third entry in the Snake Plissken chronicles entitled Escape From Earth.

Apparently, Carpenter completed a script for the project eight years ago but the studio has now taken an interest in it after Russell demanded doing it before signing on with the studio for a three picture deal.

Although the screenplay is being kept under tight wraps, I’m told (by another anonymous) who was lucky enough to take a peek at the first thirteen pages that the script takes off immediately where the previous left off and features our planet en-route to Armageddon.

It looks as though Carpenter will push-off the production of Psychopath with Titan Productions and collaborator Todd Farmer in order to ready this entry for a 2008 release.In the first film, which takes place in 1998, the US President crashes into Manhattan, which is now a giant max. security prison, a convicted bank robber is sent in for a rescue.”

Watch this space.

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