Twice the Dick


First Pullman, now Giamatti

Every year, there seems to be a couple of rival projects tackling the same subject. One year it was Robin Hood Vs. Robin Hood, another it was bullying asteroid films, and one Summer, duelling films based on the legend of straight-shootin’ Wyatt Earp.

Next year, it’ll be all about Dick.

Philip K, That is.

In addition to the recently announced Matthew Wilder directed film, based on the life of the fascinating sci-fi author, and starring Bill Pullman in the lead, Variety announces a second project, this one starring Paul Giamatti in the title slot.

The Giamatti starrer will fix on the man’s life and his final fragmentary novel, “The Owl in Daylight”.

And in 2008, we’ll have competition projects based on the life of Kevin Federline.