Scott joins The Great Buck Howard


“Aviator” and “Torque” star in new Tom Hanks movie

Gotta love Adam Scott. The young actor can seemingly do it all – and he’s getting better by the film. He was superb in his short and sweet, but memorable, role in “The Aviator”, thieved scenes from Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd in “High Crimes”, and had us rolling about in laughter – as he got into Jane Fonda’s garb – in “Monster-in-Law”. And despite how wonky the film was, he was pretty damn cool – playing against type as a rogue, too – in the actioner “Torque”. Possibly the best thing in that movie, in fact.

Tom Hanks obviously thinks he’s a talent worth bothering with too. The actor, serving as producer, has cast Scott in “The Great Buck Howard”, a new film that teams Hanks with his son, Colin.

Written and directed by Sean McGinly, the story revolves around a luckless magician and his assistant who struggle to reinvigorate his career. Emily Blunt and John Malkovich also star.

Scott next appears in “The Return” opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar.