Sisterhood of the Travelling Hostel Hotties


Threesome sign up for “Hostel” sequel

Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo and Bijou Phillips – guess which one will most likely be getting their gear off? Clue: she ditched the duds for “Bully” and “Black and White” – are in talks to star in “Hostel 2”, Eli Roth’s follow-up to the hardcore happy horror hit of early ’06.

The first “Hostel,” which was released this year and grossed about $50 million domestically, followed three men who end up in a Slovakian hostel which serves as a front for an organization specializing in torture. This time, the story follows three women who, while studying abroad for the summer, learn the grim truth behind the Slovakian hostel and its international counterparts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” star German would play a wealthy girl trying to figure out her next step in life, Phillips (“Bully”) would be her best friend and Matarazzo (“The Princess Diaries”) will be a tag-along.

According to earlier reports, “Hostel” star Jay Hernandez is expected back to reprise his role as the scarred Paxton.