Is The Hulk in Prison?


Dominic Purcell rumour cranks up a notch

Big-boned Dominic Purcell as Big-boned Hulk?

Maybe. I dunno.

Purcell appeared on a U.S morning show today – says Aint it Cool News – and was asked about the rumours of him possibly replacing Eric Bana (who I can confirm, is out) as the big-screen Hulk.

Purcell basically offered a nervous giggle, and failed to cough up much of a retort – well, besides the odd ‘ummmmmmm’.

Naturally, most are assuming he’s got the role, and just can’t say anything yet.

If you ask me, I’d say it’s simply a case of an actor following the long-standing ‘keep ‘em guessing’ system of not ever ‘ruling anything out’ – by laughing at the prospect of something, or straight-up debunking a rumour, you can burn many bridges, including your own, so it’s best to leave the audience ‘wondering’ – but nevertheless, the rumour mill is rampant that the “Prison Break” star might be able to slap on the purple trousers of “The Incredible Hulk”. Yep, All because the guy ummmed and ahhhhhed his way through an answer. Now, granted, Purcell could be in talks to play the new Bruce Banner – I have no idea, so it could be on the money – but I personally think people may be reading a little too much into his ‘search’ for an answer. Heck, Purcell could be hoping to get a look-in for the role – having heard the rumours himself – and that might be why he’s not saying anything.

Guess we’ll see soon.