Moviehole MailBag – 18/8/06


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Guest Host : Adam Weeks
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Q.To answer the question about Bruce Wayne appearing in “Smallville”; The producers of the show want to have him appear very much. But DC/WB/CW/whoever else won’t let them. They’re saving that for a movie sometime down the line titled “Batman vs Superman”. But the good news is the Green Arrow is going to appear in “Smallville” and he forms the Justice League. Source info: – Mike
A. Sweet. Like I said, not personally much of a fan of “Smallville”, but the idea of the Justice League beginning is pretty cool to me. The dude from the “Aquaman” pilot is playing Arrow from what I can remember – not sure which incarnation of him he’s supposed to be playing though….

Q. Word up M. Hole – Gotta gotta ask three big Qs on a different element of the Batman universe. 1. Where the hell is Adam West’s painted cowl on DVD. They have “Home Improvement” out but no Biff or Pows!? 2. Any word on direct to DVD comic book to animation movies from DC? Heard they were doing a “Death of Superman” version. What about “Dark Knight Returns”, eh? 3. What happened to David Goyer working on “Dark Knight”. – Late, Doom
A. OK, let me see what I can tell ya here….. 1). I think the main reason it hasn’t come out as yet is stemming from the fact that Fox own the footage, wheras DC control the distribution of the character as such…. Or something along those lines. Put it this way, I don’t think Warners would be terribly amused to see Fox making a bundle off of the classic show while they are gearing up for another big screen film.; 2). Er, No – not that I know of anyway apart from the animated shows that come along. As far as live action goes, I’ve also heard rumours about the “Superman” film, but I don’t know how true that is. “Dark Knight Returns” would make for a cool film though.; 3). David still gets the story credit on “Dark Knight”, so he’s still been reasonably involved in the process.

Q. Dear Adam…or Clint…
Anyways if it is Adam, cheers on what you said last week about 9/11…you’re a good man.
Anyway, on to the question. Any casting rumours on the “Maximum Ride” movie? I know the movie was just announced.. but I thought I would ask..
A. Thanks brother, I appreciate that. Anyway, as far as “Maximum Ride” goes, I’m not really sure who should be involved – I don’t know, I’ve yet to read the books, so I can’t really tie anyone up with the parts – I think that IMDB has a couple of threads talking about Evan Rachel Wood being mentioned, so maybe something is there……..

Q. Q. Just read your review of “World Trade Center”. Why even dignify this farce with a review? Who’s got the balls to make a movie about what REALLY happened on 9/11 when towers one and two became the first skyscrapers to collapse by fire at nearly free-fall speed in a nice pile within their own footprints?! Here’s the title: “Controlled Demolition”. – Greg
A. Wow. I personally find that to be an incredibly ignorant comment to make – but you’re entitled to your opinion, as are the other readers that are gonna jump all over that one next week… Let’s look past all the “conspiracy theories” and remember this – the events of 9/11 were a tragedy, quite possibly the greatest single tragedy of our lifetime – if only for the catastrophic loss of innocent human lives – that is the point of Oliver Stone’s film, to remember and honor those brave men & women who fought to save those people.

The only thing “incredibly ignorant” is anyone who buys the “official” story! I thought this Australian-based site wouldn’t be so eager to swallow the lies of 9/11. Of course my heart goes out to those who died and the heroes who rose to the challenge that dreadful day. None of the deaths or heroism would’ve had to occur if this event hadn’t been staged in the first place! I can’t believe Mr. “JFK”, Oliver Stone, would participate in perpetuating this story that’s harder to swallow than Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. And, I thought Hollywood vowed never to make a movie based on 9/11 and now we have two, and counting, less than five years later. I’d be glad to debate any Movieholers about 9/11. – Greg
A. Alright Greg, based on what you’re saying, I would hazard a guess that you are also from Australia, and therefore probably haven’t as yet seen “World Trade Center”. I don’t agree with your views on what happened on 9/11, but I will say that I suggest that you actually watch the film before commenting – simply for the fact that it doesn’t actually concentrate on the how’s & why’s of what happened that day – but of the rescue efforts after it happened, so you may be surprised at what you find. While “JFK” was absolutely a commentary and theory on what Jim Garrison & Oliver Stone believed to be the causes involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy – “WTC” is a very different case.

Q. First off, who ever wants a “Catwoman” 2 and 3 should be blocked just on prinicple. Anyway is “Police Academy 8” still scheduled for next year, haven’t heard anything on it for a while. I know the last three were pretty much crap, but it may be good if most of the original’s come back. Also I heard they were making a “Big Momma’s House 3”, please say no, I’d much rather see “Bad Boys 3”. Plus I think it’s dumb that no one will return from the old “Die Hard” movies, even though it doesn’t matter what I think. It’s about cyber terrorists, so they should at least bring back the only bad guy who’s not dead and who just so happens to be good with computers. -Hank McCoy
A. You asked for it: “hey dude,s are they still planing to make starsky and hutch 2 i think they should still do it because it,s action packed and comdey movie i hope all return it and snoop dogg let me know when are planing for the squel from holden” – As far as “Police Academy 8” is concerned, I’ve heard nothing on it either lately, so I believe that the target date of early next year is probably not still happening – what I am still hearing is that it isn’t a sequel, so much as a remake of the original. “Big Momma’s House 3” is indeed rumoured – but I’m right there with ya in hoping it doesn’t come off. As far as “Die Hard 4” is concerned – as long as Bruce is back, I’m happy. “With A Vengeance” was a friggin’ great film, and that didn’t have the original guys & girls in it, so……… I don’t know, I’m realllllllyyyyyyy looking forward to it.

Q. “The events of 9/11 were a tragedy, quite possibly the greatest single tragedy of our lifetime – if only for the catastrophic loss of innocent human lives”
9/11 is far from the greatest single tragedy of our lifetimes.
Example: The Indian Ocean earthquake on 26/12/04

And now for a movie related question: Does the upcoming DVD re-release of Disney’s The Little Mermaid have a release date already? Specifically for Europe – A Friend
A. Absolutely – the Tsunami was devastating – I’ve got nothing to say in difference to that. “The Little Mermaid” will be out on DVD in the UK on November 6th – you can grab it from Amazon there for around the 16 pound mark.

Q. Have you all heard anything about “xXx 3” with Samuel L. Jackson, Scott Speedman, and Michelle Rodriguez? – James
A. Nothing other than the fact that it probably won’t be happening in any capacity other than a direct to DVD deal. Part two flopped big time, so I don’t think that they will invest the cash to make another big screen version.

Q. Hi! I’ve just read on your last mailbag that a 5fth “Lethal Weapon” movie might be made ……with Mel? He’s joking………….? What about that Aussie director who gave him the fame? Yes, I’m talking about George Miller who has a script for “Fury Road” god knows how long and he wants to make the damn movie…..Gibson is already going downhill for different reasons but if he chooses a 5th “Lethal Weapon” movie instead of doing a “Mad Max” with a decent director filmmaker then I will offended…what do you think? – Regards, João
A. Well, I think that Dick Donner is a pretty decent Filmmaker as well – but that’s beside the point. As I said last week, contrary to what The Boss seems to think, I don’t see Mel doing another “Lethal Weapon” film. As far as “Fury Road” goes, production did seem to be stepping up towards the end of last year before shutting down again – stranger things have happened then seeing a project like that resurrected after a little bit of time has passed.

Q. In regards to the “Superman” article posted on Monday about a Sequel: Where did the $260 million go to on this movie? Yes there were some cool special effects, but I just have a tough time seeing where they spent all that money? -Travis
A. You know, I’m not really sure how budgets break down when it comes to the films – but having a look at the production notes, it lists somewhere around 1,000 names of people involved in the day to day production. Let’s say it was a standard 8 hour work day for all involved, and everyone was making (for the sake of a figure) $5 per hour, at the end of the day, you’re cutting a cheque for 40 grand – end of the month, you’re talking roughly 800 grand – 1.2 million – and that’s for an insanely low salary. What the hell do I know – “Hollywood Movie Star” Clint Morris knows more about that shit than I do.

Q.Hey! Just read the article about whether or not “Superman” will have a sequel and I was wondering can these unsatisfactory box-office numbers affect other Warner properties like say “Wonder Woman” or “The Flash”? I mean if Superman underperformed what can we expect of the others?
By the way there was talk that the Wachowski Bros were waiting for a green-light for their adaptation of “Speed Racer”, do you know if they got it?
– Gaftoniuc
A. I think if box-office really had a great deal to do with it, you probably wouldn’t see things like the next “Hulk” movie happening. You’ve gotta bear in mind that another “Batman” film was a huge gamble for the cinema given the performance of “Batman & Robin”, so as long as there is that core hard-boiled audience, the studios will move ahead with those kinds of films.

Q. Jim Carrey owes it to the fans to reprise his role in a sequel. Why won’t he do “Ace Ventura 3”? He co-wrote the script for the first film so this must be a character that means something to him. Every great actor has a franchise except Jim Carrey. “Dumb and Dumberer” and “Son of the Mask” were total disasters. I hope “Ace Ventura 3” (without Carrey) won’t kill this franchise as well. -Chris Lindsay
A. I think it’s purely a financial thing. Carrey gets a huge payday, and they probably can’t really afford for him to sign on when they can just pump out a tacky follow-up with the brand name attached and generate some quick bucks. I absolutely agree, “Dumb & Dumberer” & “Son of the Mask” were horrible, and I can’t help but think this one (if it does actually happen) is gonna fall into the same category.

Q. Will there be another “Lemony Snicket’s” movie? If so, will they replace the lead child actors? – That Crazy Chick
A. I would think that they are probably at least considering doing another one, but yeah, it might be realistic to say that the kids involved may be replaced – really depends on how quickly they potentially get it going.

Q. They should totally have a sequel to “King Kong” where he is fighting a giant insect! Think about it…Like a giant praying mantis. After that he should fight a giant robot! I would’ve liked the movie more if he did that. They should also make “Superman” a badass in the movies just so “Batman” won’t be considered darker and cooler and Christian Bale won’t diss “Superman” at award shows. “Superman” is a flying alien fer crissakes yeah he has to be good but that doesn’t mean he has to be a “goody twos hoes”. He can kick some ass. Some more dialogue for him and other characters like Kate B would be good yeah. You know set up a scene before the action kicks in yeah. Lois Lane just sat in that plane like ladeedumm no sass at all with that girl then Supes comes and rescues her. The movie needs more smart dialogue (I know I write slash where I pair up King Kong with whoever lands on the island and maybe use effects to have something exciting? Like lasers and stuff? People don’t like too much angst (except in slash hehe) – Caulfield
A. Errrr, yeah. I didn’t really catch any of that.

Q. “The Son of Ace Ventura”…. They can’t be serious, can they?!?!? Do I need to bring up “Son of the Mask”? What about “Dumb and Dumberer”? At least “Evan Almighty” has a good comedic actor to take Jim’s place, but the son of “Ace Ventura” is such a bad idea on so many levels. And why bring the “Ace Ventura” franchise back now? It is clearly a 90’s franchise that needs no further films made. Hollywood was recently over-prequelized, and now it’s going to be over-Jim Carrey-franchised-izelized… whatever. It should be Jim Carrey, or nobody at all. If Hollywood wants to make a sequel so badly, do it with a franchise that actually could use a new entry.

And now, my questions….

1. I understand Rob Zombie is making the next “Halloween” film. What I’m confused about is… is it a remake? A prequel? A “reimagining?” All of the above?

2. Will the “Hellraiser” franchise be doomed to mediocre direct-to-DVD hell forever? I watched the original recently, and am surprised by how well it has held up, storywise. The sequels are all shit, except for maybe part 2.

3. What is the word on that “Evil Dead” remake? I sincerely hope it NEVER HAPPENS. I would rather see another sequel, but with “Spider-Man” running Raimi’s career, I don’t think it will ever happen.

4. Something tells me the “Halo” movie is overhyped before it has even started production. How can anyone think this movie will be good? When Guillermo Del Toro’s name was being thrown around, I thought maybe there was some hope. Now I just don’t see how it can be good, unless this new director is the next Spielberg/Cameron/Jackson.

*cough*Shannon Tweed*cough* – Paul
A. Yeah, unfortunately they are serious – but enough of that for now at least – 1). From what Rob has said about it so far, it’s part remake, part “re-imagining”; 2). Yeah, give it 20 years before some music video director does a remake of the original, and that’ll be the next time it’s up on the big screen; 3). At Comic-Con, Sam was saying that it is likely dead for the immediate future, but from what I read, he apparently did say that he might head back for another look after “Spider-Man 3” finishes up.; 4). “Halo” is definitely overhyped in my eyes – I’ve got “Halo” 1 & 2 on the X-Box, but I’m not exactly pumped on seeing it in a cinema – I’ll wait until I hear some casting or see a bit of footage before I get too involved with it.

Q. Dear Clint, Just like the “Hulk” movie, “Superman” will have to be re-tooled. I would like to see Brendan Fraser as “Superman” and a director who knows how to make a fun movie for all the family! I like Brendan most of all because I find his on screen personalities to be entertaining and likable! – Max
A. Yeah, Brendan’s a good guy – no doubt. If the sequel does go ahead though, and Bryan Singer has anything to do with it, Brandon will be back in the lead role.