New Die Hard filming in Vancouver?


Was rumoured to be Chicago, earlier this year

According to Hollywood North Report, “Live Free or Die Hard” – that’s “Die Hard 4” for those, unlike the chap tapping the keys, who doesn’t live on the net – might be eyeing a Vancouver shoot.

The site says the film – which pits John McClane, and tweenage sidekick, against cyber terrorists – might be making a late ’06 booking with the area.

Not at all surprising that they’re toying with Vancouver, considering the spruiking – never a bad word to say about it, and that’s after the release of the film, a time when actors/directors/writers/publicists generally modify claims they made whilst plugging whatever film it is they’re selling at the time – that Bruce Willis has done for the place. Apparently had a hoot doing “16 Blocks” there, last year.

Earlier this year, rumours surfaced that FOX might be actually eyeing Chicago as a possible for the new sequel – which stars Willis and Justin Long – but seems they’ve reverted back to their original [more affordable] choice, Montreal.