Another reason to see Crank Updated!


Lionsgate are sneaking “Saw III” with it

Lionsgate tell us that the first scene of the highly anticipated “Saw III” will be shown exclusively in conjunction with “Crank” which hits theaters September 1st. This is the first time in Lionsgate’s history to preview an entire scene prior to its release and is especially unique due to the popularity of this highly acclaimed franchise.

The first scene of “Saw III”, they say, “promises to be extremely gory and will be sure to shock viewers out of their seats. While we’re not allowed to reveal too many details, we do know that the scene showcases the first of Jigsaw’s games and will definitely satisfy fan’s craving for blood.”

So, If you can’t wait to get a peak of what Jigsaw is up to next, make sure you run out to see “Crank” in theaters beginning September 1st. Remember to call and verify with your local theater that the exclusive “Saw III” scene will be shown with “Crank”.

Update : An amendment to the press release about the first scene of SAW III being attached to the theatrical prints of CRANK in theaters from Lionsgate:

Lionsgate was planning on attaching the entire first scene of the film SAW III to the feature prints of CRANK, but the footage proved too intense for exhibition. Lionsgate is investigating an AgeGate/age appropriate online outlet to debut the footage.