Teen thriller Dark Island gets up


Produced and directed by veteran Phil Avalon

A feature film written by a Queensland first time writer, Peter Dai Evans has received the greenlight to go into production.

The film will be produced and directed by veteran Phil Avalon one of Australia’s most successful feature film producers.

“Dark Island” is a teen thriller set on and island with strong voodoo overtones. It was was selected and developed by Avalon and the PFTC through an initiative for Qld writers.

“This has been a really great outcome for the writer and my company,” Avalon said. “The high cost of development today often means that scripts go into production under-developed. However, with the positive backing of the PFTC and their considerable creative input we have a project that is now world class.”

Based in Cooktown, Peter Dai Evans first came to the PFTC’s notice when he joined the PFTC Regional Development Initiative in Cairns in 2004.

The Scheme was introduced to increase the number of short films being developed from regional Queensland and to provide opportunities for regional writers to develop projects with a view to being optioned by a production company and being produced.

Although Peter’s short film didn’t go into production, the experience of developing his script with the PFTC, encouraged him to submit a first draft of Dark Island to the PFTC Avalon Feature Film Initiative in 2005.

Following 12 months intensive work on the script and many re-writes the script was completed and ready to finance.

PFTC Head of Production Henry Tefay said:- “We are delighted that Dark island has obtained the finance for production and congratulate Phil and Peter for their passion and commitment during the demanding development process.”

Peter Dai Evans said that he was in debit to the PFTC and appreciated their assistance as he developed the script. “Having a film go into production provides me with an important screen credit which should enable me to be taken seriously by the industry and help sell my next project.”

The PFTC strategy of providing financial support to Qpix and creative opportunities for writers, producers and directors through The Write Stuff, Jumpstart, The Short film Fund, and specially designed feature film initiatives is bearing fruit with “Dark Island” the latest to reach the launching pad.

“Dark Island” tells of Carey Meyer, the manager of ‘Digital Rage’ – a hot, up and coming computer Games Company. But their last game flopped, competition is fierce…..the company is in a precarious situation.

Her brother Dan, a partner in the company, wants Digital Rage to develop a new game, a survival horror. He wants to tap into the new consoles just released by Sony and Microsoft and create the game with unprecedented levels of realism. Dan has found a location to base the game around – a remote tropical island off Papua New Guinea, a place steeped in ancient voodoo, a place with a strange ceremony ground – a place with a legend. It seems Dan’s got the answer to the next best thing.

But when Carey and the game design crew join Dan on the remote island they discover they are not alone. One by one the crew slowly fall victim to unfathomable evil.