Linklater on second Detail


Update on the sequel to a Nicholson classic

Director Richard Linklater (“A Scanner Darkly”) tells MTV that he’s still developing the sequel to the Jack Nicholson classic, “The Last Detail”. Just one thing – he hasn’t told Jack about it yet.

“I haven’t even talked to Nicholson about it yet; I don’t even know if he’s read it. … It hasn’t gotten that far down the line. They haven’t made an offer to him yet or anything like that”, he says. “[But] you can’t do it without the Bad Ass,” he laughed, referring to Nicholson’s surly character Billy “Bad Ass” Buddusky.

You also couldn’t do it without Randy Quaid – thankfully, he does have the script. “I sent [Quaid] the script, and he’d be great. I hope he’ll [do it].”

The sequel, “Last Flag Flying”, has Buddusky running a bar and Quaid’s Larry Meadows reuniting with him after the Iraq war takes his son’s life. Rumours persist that Morgan Freeman is interested in taking over the role of Mule from the deceased Otis Young.

“I’m kind of in limbo….”, Linklater laughed.